Thursday, April 05, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: You Can Send and Receive Payment Anywhere in the World, Including the Philippines, Through E-Gold

I have been frustrated many times in my attempts to find more money-making opportunities online just because most companies pay through Paypal which does not allow Philippine-based users to receive payment.

Fortunately, I found e-gold.

There may not be as many companies that pay through e-gold as compared to Paypal but this at least gives us some additional opportunities to share in the bustling internet economy.

I was concerned at first about how to withdraw the funds I will receive through e-gold. How do I actually convert it to pesos and get hold of it?

Fortunately, again, I found answers at the Pinoy Money Talk Forum which recommends Pinoy Gold Exchange. Several members attest that they continue to use e-gold and Pinoy Gold Exchange, and that all transactions have been fast, easy and problem-free. They can even send you your money through Smart Money.

The wonderful news is that you can get an e-gold account for FREE.

There's even more. Once you have an account, you can even earn by referring people to e-gold.

I would say that e-gold is a worthy addition to anyone's internet money-making ventures. Even if you are a Paypal user, you can still earn by promoting e-gold.

For those of us in the Philippines who want to maximize online income-generation, I think e-gold is a necessary tool.

Be careful in using your account, though. There have been reports of e-gold phishing. These net criminals send e-mail posing as official e-gold communication and lure users into clicking on the false e-gold link to provide their password. To avoid being victmized, never log on to e-gold through any other link. Go directly to the site every time.

On my next post, I will share with you the money-making opportunities I will find that we can join using e-gold.

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Jerome C. Herrera said...

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H2O said...

Hey! It's trix! :-D I was blog hopping and saw your site thru chuchay's blog. I found this site >> - you can publish and sell books instantly! You might want to check it out. :-)

Maia Jose said...

Hi Trix! Glad to see you here! Yes, I do sell some of my romance ebooks at Lulu. Thanks for the heads up just the same, though.

Jerome, yes, I welcome the opportunity to exchange links. You do know that I now have 6 blogs, right? :-)

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