Friday, April 13, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Optimizing Efforts, Worrying Over eCPM, Tweaking Ad Placements and Adding Affiliate Links

The title about says it all.

I've been wondering over our blogs' (mine and my daughters' - all sharing a single Adsense account) eCPM. (Adsense tells me this is an estimate of how much the blog could earn per 1000 page impressions, but is not a guarantee of actual income.)

It's frustrating to read of how high the numbers can go for other blogs and how ours seem pathetic in comparison. Okay, we've only just started so that can be an excuse. But even among our own blogs, I can't understand how the figures could vary so much.

I spent a lot of time yesterday changing the layout and adsense placements in the blogs. For the first time, I discovered that I could actually move a new Blogger template page element to another part of the page, e.g., as a big rectangle under the header. Okay, please stop sniggering at my cluelessness.

Upon waking up this morning, I found that, with the exact same change to all our blogs, some have improved their eCPM while others remained as they were. Thankfully, there were no lowered figures.

I decided that while learning my way through Adsense optimization I should maximize the blogs' optimization with more affiliate links.

I tried Clickbank but they do not have the Philippines listed among the countries they accept affiliates from. One seller suggested I find someone in the US to accept my commission checks for me. Does anyone know if that's allowed and legal? I would appreciate your advice very much.

In the meantime, I joined Commission Junction. They have a lot of products but I chose only three that I myself would want to try out: Xoom, Freelance Work Exchange and Site Build It!

As I discussed in my post at EarnGlobal, I want to try out Site Build It! for myself. After losing $90 in my GDI experiment, though, I want to at least earn back the money first before I spend on another venture. I'm hoping my being an SBI! affiliate will enable me to join the program soon.

The cost of joining Freelance Work Exchange seems reasonable for me, even in my current tight-fisted mode. I think I will give it a try then give you my feedback.

Xoom, of course, is something I have already read about in various forums, with good reviews. The next time I need to have some money sent to me from abroad, I will ask the sender to try this service.

So that's what I've been doing so far, folks. Now for my well-deserved shut-eye...

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marhgil said... I used it before, and eventually quit after 3 months :D People are just clicking the ads, but they are not purchasing, which means zero earnings :( That's why I just stick to those Pay-Per-Click Ads. Aside from Adsense, you can try Adbrite and Kontera ;)

Maia Jose said...

Are Adbrite and Kontera allowed alongside Adsense? I'll check them out, too. Thanks so much for sharing the info :-)

marhgil said...

Yes, they are allowed. Just make sure that your Adbrite ad doesn't look like Google Ads. All of them are installed and running on my textmates blog.

Maia Jose said...

Great! And I just finished removing no follow from all 6 of my blogs, following your advice on your blog.I just need to post the announcement on the 5 other blogs. I have retained moderation as security. Thanks so much! I'll be frequenting your blog, that's for sure :-)

marhgil said...

Hi! I included 5 of your blogs on the Do-Follow list. See my latest post, and kindly continue the tagging :D.

Maia Jose said...

Wow! I am blown away! Can I adopt you as my son? :-D

Of course I will continue the tagging. I have a post today expressing sympathy for the Virgina Tech victims and families. I will do my post on the D List tomorrow. Thank you so much!

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