Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: How to Grow at a Faster Pace

These past days have flown by at a dizzying rate for me. The first entry on this blog was last March 22. In about a week's time after that, I had put up five other blogs on different topics, all documented here, too.

Now, after only a month, this Manila Mom blog has pulled away from the other five in Technorati. How? Two very potent tools: The Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange and The DoFollow List!

I only posted the Favorites Exchange last April 15, and the DoFollow List last April 21. As of today, Manila Mom has been favorited by 86 members and has 118 links from 70 blogs. Its Technorati rank is 60,696. And every time I check, even within the same day, the numbers are changing.

Of course, all this is happening with work on my part, too. My comments are moderated so I check my email several times a day to process them. I do the favorites exchange and add links to the list. I also surf the dofollow sites and sites on my favorites list to read and comment. Well, this last part doesn't really feel like work because I enjoy doing it. I discover new blogs and learn a lot along the way. And I'm creating new links to my blog as I do it.

My days - and nights - have been busy. My friends based in the US and Canada are surprised to find me still online at 3 or 4 a.m. Manila time.

And I still dared to put up another blog just a few days ago - Manila Mom's Veranda at

Well, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. is a very new baby of a fellow Filipina who shares the same contagious enthusiasm for exploring all that the internet can offer. I can already see the powerful potential of the network and am honored to be with her from this building up stage.

So that's where I'm at now, folks. All of these have been accomplished with the help of fellow bloggers and other friends, so I'm sharing it all with everyone, too.

Now to my life offline...yes, I still do have one! :-D

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sasha said...

Wow, talaga? I am dedicating one whole post to you on Friday, Maia. DoFollow and your blogs...

Wow ha! Ang bilis talaga nyan! Ako 0 pa rin sa ranking hehe... I already installed 2 plugins to support DoFollow and I'm not sure if it's really working already.

Would you know how I can check it if ever? :)

Maia Jose said...

Sasha, check your technorati specs. I'm sure you rank even better. At technorati, a lower number is better. I started out at over 3,000,000 I think when I started. The more links to your blog, the better your rank. So having DoFollow and commenting on DoFollow blogs really helps a lot.

By the way, first you have to register at technorati and claim your blog. It's a very easy procedure that even a tech-challenged person like me can do

Maia Jose said...

Sashing, hindi agad nag-sink in yung sinabi mo about dedicating your Friday post to me, not until I re-read your comment just now.

Wow, I am sohonored. Thank you so much.

Of course you know that you're one of the people who have welcomed meso warmly when I started and have been so very supportive and helpful. I owe you a lot, friend!

roland said...

congratulations on breaking in at technorati! hope you make at top 10 most faved/most linked!

how many can you add in your technorati fave in a day? thats hardwork! :)

i just joined the technorati fave train today and i was able to add 32 sites to my fave. tomorrow ill try to add more hehe...

Maia Jose said...

Wow, that's a lot! I mostly just fave back those who fave me. I'm spending more time now reading dofollow blogs and leaving comments that are counted as links.

As of this moment, I have been favorited by 95 blogs and have 123 links from 72 blogs. My technorati rank is at 58,993.

No Google rank yet, though. I think the blog has to be several months old to be ranked by Google and Alexa. I also have to draw in more visitors.

We can do this! More power to you, too!

amgine said...

wow super busy! paturo naman nung sa technorati? di ko kasi alam kung ano un eh. pero parang halos karamihan ng mga blogs meron na non. btw, i linked u na po. hope u can link me up as well. thanks. happy weekend.

Maia Jose said...

Hi Amgine! Added you to my links, too :)

You'll have to register at Technorati and claim your blog, then find the link to the "favorite my blog" button and put it on a prominent place on your blog.

To have more people "fave" you, you can join the Technorati Exchange - the same one I hosted here. Look it up in my recent posts(there's a link to it on the front page) and follow the instructions there. Basically, you fave people and they fave you back, or the other way around.

Let me know once you have set it up so I can fave you, too, okay?

Lisa said...

Wow!That's an inspiring post!I definitely can relate to what you said about being up until the wee hours of the morning. Seems like that's when I do a lot of my blog activities also.

Maia Jose said...

Yes, Lisa, I don't even notice the time when I'm enjoying myself here. I guess you're enjoying blogging a lot, too :)

ey said...

wow galing!
im sure naman that u will go a long long way here. your spot in the blogosphere is just waiting for u.
go girl! :)

Maia Jose said...

Only with a lot of support from new friendslike you, ey :)

sexy mom said...

you have been very busy lately, and i guess, you have been enjoying every minute of it. and you are learning fast.

Maia Jose said...

All true, but there seems to be an endless list of things to learn...

At Home Mom said...

I have subscribed to your blog, it´s great! I am new to the blogosphere, so I don´t have PR or Alexa ratings yet, but I´m on Technorati! I´m just about to fave you now. I´m very impressed with how well you´ve done on Technorati!

Maia Jose said...

Thanks, AtHome Mom!

I've just faved you, too. I noticed that there's no Technorati Favorite button on your site so I faved you manually from Technorati. You might want to install the button so your other readers can easily fave you, too :)

We're on the same boat. I still don't have PR or Alexa ratings either. I'm hoping that the links I'm building now willcount toward those later. I think it takes several months to have enough to be recognized.

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