Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Support of the Bereaved at Virginia Tech

The tragedy at Virginia Tech leaves all of us stricken. Our hearts reach out to the families, loved ones and friends of the victims. We can only express our support for them and hope that this outpouring of sympathy could somehow help them through the unimaginable pain.

Initially, my reaction to the tragedy was to freeze. Not to blog. And then I realized, after offering my own prayers for all involved, that I did not want to remain silent. I needed to add my own words to the global condolences. It does not matter that I am a small voice that could very well be lost in the multitude. Knowing that I am putting out my words and my feelings to the blogosphere makes me feel more connected to those I wish to touch.

If only to be able to connect across the globe, person to person, mind to mind, heart to heart, blogging is a blessing in times like this.

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NMOTB said...

Hi, You have one hellavu interesting blog here!!!! I was very shocked when I read about that in the papers here in SA. That is so sad and one can only imagine what those poor people were going thru! Thanks for stopping by I am sure I will be seeing you around more often!

sexy mom said...

hi, Maia,

i, too, grieve for this senseless killings. last night, while bloghopping, i found an initiative of some bloggers for a One Day Blog Silence in Honor of the Victims of Virginia.I am inclined to support this initiative, so on 30 April, I will be silent in the blogosphere for a day, in respect of the dead in Virginia Tech. I would also say a prayer for the lonely people out there, the hurt, and the pained, to find their way to the joy in blogging.

more here:

Maia Jose said...

Thanks for updating me on this, Dine. Yes, I will join the dayof blog silence on April 30.

Ann said...

What happened at Virginia Tech was really shocking. I didn't write anything on it yet. I might just do the one day blog silence too.

Maia Jose said...

Yes, Ann, even the aftershocks are still unnerving. I was listening to the interview with the gunman's roommates and commented that it must be very difficult for them. My husband said, "Just think of how his own parents may be feeling." As unimaginable the pain must be for the victims' families,so must it probably be for the gunman's family.

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