Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Launching a New Blog to Widen Your Reach, Get More Traffic and Maximize Your Use of Adsense

I just launched My 2 Centavos Worth - a blog on tv shows, celebrities and whatever's being buzzed about around the web.

This is to follow my own advice on streamlining the topic of each of your blogs to your target niche market.

I felt that I wanted to comment on the hot topics of the day concerning pop culture but it wasn't appropriate to this blog or my Cafe Romanza blog. It needed it's own place for its own audience where it could serve up its own targetted ads.

By expanding to another topic area, I get to reach out to people who may not be attracted to the topics covered by my work-at-home-and-make-money-online blog or my romance-writing/reading blog. I get to draw in traffic that may not have been accessible to me before. Of course, my new blog also has Adsense to monetize this traffic.

I realize I will need to promote this blog, too, by surfing similarly themed blogs and leaving relevant comments. I will have to build a community for it.

Having several blogs on various topics you are interested in and on which you know you can write on regularly is a good way to widen your reach in the blogosphere and maximize your use of Adsense. Make sure you write effectively for each blog and its topic, though, paying attention to the special interests and styles of each site.

This is actually fun for me. It's like writing several columns on different topics for a magazine.

Do come and visit my new blog, too.

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Robin Bal said...

Nice site.

Maia Jose said...

Thanks, Robin. You're always welcome here.

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