Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Help Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

The devastation left behind by Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines is heartbreaking. Many lives were lost, many homes were swept away or completely ruined. Many families are still in danger, awaiting rescue without food and water. There are babies, children and senior citizens among them. A simple search online will show you many videos on you tube, many photos on blogs, many personal accounts.

If you want to send help, you can contact the following:

1. Donate through the American Red Cross 1-800-435-7669

2. Donate through ABS-CBN 1-800-527-2820

Two more typhoons are expected in the next few days. I hope the same scenario does not happen again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Green is In

So you want to be in on what’s latest? Well, shopping green is in, and will always be in. Try to find the most eco-friendly option for every item you need to acquire for yourself or your family. That’s the only way to ensure that every single thing you buy is worth the expense, because you’re investing in the future of your children and grandchildren.

For whatever you need, from personal organic health and beauty products to home basics such as vegetarian pantry items, you can search the ShopWiki Green Guide for solutions. It shows you everything that’s available for sale online. Yes, that includes eco-friendly fashion that’s always stylish. You can even find a travel guide to eco-friendly destinations for your family vacation.

ShopWiki literally shows you everything you can possibly buy online. It’s like having the most comprehensive online shopping catalog available for your use any time you need it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Multi-Million Dollar Homes in the US

I came across this site of Paradise Valley Homes for sale in Arizona. According to the site, it is one of the richest zip codes in the United States. Not surprisingly, properties are sold for a minimum of one and a half million dollars, with the most luxurious high end properties going for more than 15 million dollars.

The property pictured above, for example, is being sold for 15.5 million dollars. That’s more than 740 million pesos! Mind-boggling!

I would not be surprised if we find homes of local politicians in this area. Or maybe they haven’t discovered it yet?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sight Reading Music for Piano Players

I learned how to play the electronic organ one summer in high school, but I was taught only one piece – Somewhere My Love (Lara’s Theme from Dr. Zhivago). Unfortunately, after the recital, I forgot all about it. I haven’t played since then.

My mother-in-law plays the piano beautifully, though. Sad to say, none of my kids have inherited a love for playing on ivory keys.

I still love listening to piano music even if I can’t play. I also can’t read music, except for the very basic note reading taught in elementary school. I am totally amazed at how piano players can sight read sheet music and even play a piece they have just seen for the very first time.

Apparently, there’s a technique for sight reading music that can be easily learned by both new learners and experienced piano players who still have some difficulty with it. A course for sight reading music is available online. It consists of an instructional DVD, a CD of computer drills on recognizing notes, harmonic intervals and melodic intervals, and 177 pages of sheet music to practice on, covering basic, intermediate and advanced pieces. This sight reading music course is designed for adults and children alike and comes with a 30-day guaranteed refund if you are not satisfied with it. If you’re a piano player who still wants to hone the art and skill of sight reading music, this may be the missing link you need.
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