Monday, April 02, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Get Interviewed to Get More Traffic

Yes! My interview is up at 5 Minutes for Mom, a wonderful blog site owned by twin work-at-home moms, Susan and Janice.

They list Mom websites for free, and with your registration comes an interview.

There were a lot of questions but you can choose which ones to answer. I was quite stingy and I regret it now. I should have gone for the whole caboodle to make a more in-depth interview. Oh well. I wonder if there's a way to improve on it? I'll go and find out later.

This means that I'll always be listed in their Readers' Blogs under Writer Moms. That's something of real value because it's not just a simple link list. It comes with your photo and a short blurb you get to write about yourself and your blog.

I also like how I can find other writer moms from the list. They all seem to be so interesting and I intend to go visit each of them. And then I'm moving on to the other Mom blogs under the other categories. Boy, I can spend the whole day just exploring those blogs.

This is what I like about blogging. Even the task of networking to get more traffic for your blog is in itself so much fun. It's not a chore at all. In fact, I have to tell myself to write my own post first before I go networking or else I'll just go gallivanting around the blogosphere.

Mission accomplished for the day in this blog so I'll just have to post at Cafe Romanza and then it's bloghopping time for me. Yey!


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