Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Corazon C. Aquino Will Never Be Forgotten

The outpouring of emotion from Filipinos in the country and from around the world is testament to the deep gratitude felt for the woman who lost her husband to the fight for Philippine democracy and took on the responsibility of leading and unifying the nation despite her loss.

Cory Aquino's presidency was not perfect but it was a difficult task for anyone. It cannot be denied, however, that it paved the way for a transition to democracy - no matter how imperfect still.

Our democracy is a work in progress and it is our responsibility to build on whatever gains have been had to move forward rather than backward.

Hopefully, President Cory's death will remind us to ensure that old politics not be allowed to reign again, especially in the coming elections. And especially now that authoritarianism is once more rearing its ugly head and attempting to seize power.
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