Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Shameless Promotion for My Daughter's Blog, The City Lifestylist

I'll take my license as a Mom to post this plug for my eldest daughter's new blog, The City Lifestylist.

She talks about skincare, makeup, fashion, shoes, bags and accessories.

Although she has been blogging privately at various sites for years, she just very recently caught the problogging bug from me and this is her first attempt at it.

I guess it will also further hone her skills as an incoming junior majoring in Communication Arts and Advertising.

You're always welcome to drop by.

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trinity said...

Loved the blog! More power to C1. \:D:/

Maia Jose said...

Thanks so much, female-gamer! :-)

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hello there! Thanks for visiting Nostalgia Manila!

Maia Jose said...

It was my pleasure, nostalgia manila. It's always fun to walk down memory lane and you have some very interesting stuff there. I'll be dropping by regularly to check it out.

The Lifestylist said...

I've been trying to get in touch with your daughter - unfortunately the term Lifestylist(r) is a term that is trademarked by myself and can't be used without my permission. If you could let her know this and have her take my term out of her blog I'd really appreciate it so we can avoid legal actions.

Maia Jose said...

Thanks for informing us. I visited your site and the first post was April 1. My daughter began her blog March 29 and Blogger allowed her to use her blog name so we weren't aware of any "violation" as you mentioned in your comment to her post.

Anyway, I'll tell her as soon as she's up. I'm sure she'll be very disappointed as she thought up the name herself.

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