Monday, October 01, 2007

Work at Home Mom: My Filipino Romance Novel Bukal Sa Dibdib Now Available Free Online

There was an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Saturday on Bukal Sa Dibdib. No, you won't be able to read the scanned version I have posted here. Sorry. I just couldn't resist putting it on. It's still a thrill after all these years of writing. Of course, I'm extra proud of this material because of its breastfeeding advocacy.

I'm even happier that I have been allowed to make Bukal Sa Dibdib available for free online. Please note that this has been commissioned by the Philippine Department of Health, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities. They have had the novel printed in pocketbook form and it is currently being distributed for free in Philippine communities. The latest I've heard is that a second printing is being done.


Oops, a reader - Princess - just tipped me off about how clicking on the scanned article actually enlarges it enough to be read. Thanks for that info, Princess. I really am so very tech-challenged.
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