Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: So Why Do I Do This?

Gary Vaughan tagged me to answer the question “Why do I blog?” Before I could do so, the Virginia Tech tragedy happened. I just had to express my feelings on that shocking incident first.

I think the tragedy also distilled my thoughts on why I very recently decided to blog.

1. I blog because I am passionate about expressing my feelings in writing and this medium allows me to do so while reaching a global audience in a way that is – as I mentioned yesterday – person to person, mind to mind, heart to heart.

Blogging is a unique medium because it is both very personal and very public. In a way, it is like the romance novels I write – available widely to the public but touching each reader one heart at a time.

2. I blog because there is so much more I want to write about that could not fit into my romance novels and my freelance writing projects. I even had to put up several blogs to accommodate them.

3. I blog because I want to continue to learn and grow with the rest of the world up to my last breath, and the blogosphere gives me access to that learning and space for that growth.

4. I blog because my passion for writing is also my profession offline and when I learned that I could do the same online (although the returns are not that immediate) there was no reason left not to. I believe that if you feed your passion, your passion will feed you.

5. And I shall continue to blog because I have been meeting people who embody the best in humanity and I am eager to meet more. There may be unfortunate experiences but the balance is still tilted toward the good in people, and I trust that this will always be so.

I now tag:

1. Female-Gamer
2. Marghil
3. Markk
4. Manilenya
5. Eydyeyey

The rule is that you should use a list format and name 5 reasons why you blog. You then tag 5 others to do the same.

This meme is being tracked at SOLO SEO. You can go and add your name to the linked list as soon as your own post is up.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting your answers. :-)

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TrinityDivine said...

Eek I've been tagged! MM, I have a question: do I HAVE to tag 5 others or is 5 the maximum? What if I can't get 5? *panics*

Maia Jose said...

Actually, I'm not really sure. But don't panic! :-D Perhaps one is okay. Then again, perhaps there are other blogs you have stumbled upon that you find quite interesting? Surprise them with a tag and let them panic instead (evil grin).

marhgil said...

thanks for tagging me! I'll answer this over the weekend. Mag-iisip pa ng sagot :D

sasha said...

Very similar reasons why I blog. Plus, this is a therapy for me.

Pity what happened in Virginia. Tsk tsk... Sana naman it will never happen again. Kawawa both parties. Kawawa yung family ng mga victims as well as the family of the Korean guy. And I am afraid what will happen to other Asians in the area. Baka pagdiskitahan.

Let's all pray for them.

Maia Jose said...

Marhgil, it takes a lot of thinking nga :-) but it helps in our focus, too.

Sasha,yes,I'm praying that the violence ends right there and that there will be no copycats or backlashes.

marhgil said...

Hello! I just finished answering this tag ;)

Maia Jose said...

That was quick, Marhgil :-)

After reading your post, I see you have even more than 5 reasons to blog - 250 more...dollars, that is, hehe.

That's a good goal for newbie probloggers like us to work for.

marhgil said...

$250... that's the minimum check I received since January. :D My goal is to have at least $500 by December this year, and live a Yugatech life after 3 years. Balita ko, he's earning 5 digit Adsense income in dollars na daw monthly eh. Sana matupad :D Good luck sa ating lahat ;)

Maia Jose said...

Yes!!! And a lot of us will be following your footsteps, too, hopefully! There's room for everyone on the web, right? Let's show the world that Pinoys no longer pull each other down like crabs but help each other advance instead. More power!

ladycess said...

hi. found my way here from sasha's blog.

your name caught my attention. are you one of the writers of phr? u see, ive read a couple of their books, at one point i thought i could submit my own piece (pero na-realize kong ang hirap pala :) , and am subscribed in phr egroup (a lurker, though). kaya parang familiar sa akin ang maia jose.


melai said...

:) okey gawin ko na po ito :) salamat sa tag ibig sabihin close na tayo? lol!!

Maia Jose said...

Hi Ladycess! No, I've never written for PHR. I wrote for Valentine Romances until they closed shop and then about a year ago for Forever Romances of Golden Books and Publications. I'm preparing to publish my own books soon, though.

Maia Jose said...

My pleasure, Melai! Saludo ako sa blog mo, e :-)

eydyeyey said...

ayy! i've been tagged?! thanks maia! coming from u..i appreciate it :)

i'll answer this weekend, wala namang time limit di bah?! hehe

Maia Jose said...

No deadline,eydyeyey! we don't need added stress, hehe!

Markk said...

Thanks Maia Jose. The last time I got your name wrong, calling you Maria. Optical illusion, I suppose. You're coming along very well in your blogging, good for you. I'll come around and do my part soon. Mucho gracias!

Maia Jose said...

I'll be looking forward to reading your post, Markk!

Trinity said...

I did my homework, Mom! Can I go play now? :D

Maia Jose said...

Yup, and you get a cookie, too, for being such a smart girl! :-D

Deb said...

I love your answers. I love the ability to write and express myself too. When it comes down to it, I just love to write! It frees my mind...

Maia Jose said...

Yes, it does, doesn't it? Writing down my thoughts also helps me organize them and then I come up with new insights. With the interaction offered online, it gets even better.

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