Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Don't Hate Me Just Because I Want To Make Money Online

I read some very strong words against making money from blogs and, frankly, I'm shocked at the hate that oozes from many of those bloggers - mostly from the comments. I could understand perfectly having differences in opinion - a natural part of any community - but does it have to be nasty?

I respect the stand of personal bloggers who want to keep their blogs purely personal and devoid of ads or any hint of commercialism. I hope they respect the right of others to monetize their blogs, as well. After all, it is their own time, their own efforts and their own writing skills that they are monetizing. Isn't that what entrepreneurship is?

I also bristle at the snide comments that earning from blogs is earning from doing nothing or from no effort at all. It's not as easy as it seems. The money doesn't just come rolling in. Try asking those who are already earning well from their blogs. As a newbie it's almost discouraging for me to see meager cents dropping in after maximum effort. It does not happen overnight. All that effort - giving time and writing your best - needs to be coupled with a lot of learning, networking plus more time. It's real work.

As Yuga said, bloggers are like publishers who are also the authors and editors of their own publications. For probloggers who author blogs owned by networks, it may mean only being the author and editor, or even just the author. It's still a very respectable job.

I don't think it's wrong to be paid to write. Isn't that what professional writers do? Isn't that what freelance writers do? It's called making a living. It's honest work.

There is even more hate thrown at paid posts. But aren't these required to be labeled as sponsored posts? If so, then they are not misleading the readers. It's just like serving ads, except the blogger writes the ads himself/herself. It's like copywriting in advertising - another legitimate career.

And for some of us, earning from the hours spent online is the only way to rationalize spending the time that way. With a family to support one can't have the luxury of spending so many hours just for one's personal enjoyment. But if you can incorporate money making in something that you enjoy doing - like writing online on topics you've read about online - then it's a win-win situation. Is that such a crime?

The blogosphere is like the universe. There is room for everyone. We don't need to bring each other down. We should, instead, be helping each other. Or, at the very least, let each one be.

I enjoy reading blogs giving tips on how to make money online, optimize blogs, do search engine optimization (of which much is still beyond me), apply affiliate marketing techniques, and other related stuff. I also enjoy reading blogs that talk about one person's life, or day, or hobby, or profession, or dreams. They fill different needs. They resonate with me on different levels.

Diversity is good. Diversity enriches us. Let us not hate that which is different.

Discussion and debate is good, too. But let's not allow it to get nasty. Please.

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Markk said...

I love what you write. I've been hinting at them in a few posts of mine as well. Kudos to you for having the courage to say it out loud. Thanks and keep your blog rocking!

Markk said...

Just have to come back to inform you that your Blogger's DOFOLLOW is not activated. Maybe you don't want to...but many of us have dismantled the NoFollow to open up comments in our blogs. Check out The Instigator Blog for more info.

Dwacon said...

Making money is a good thing.

Spending it is better!

Maia Jose said...

Thanks, Markk. About the comments, I've chosen to moderate to be able to eliminate spam and trolls. I'm not familiar with DOFOLLOW, though.What does it mean and how do I activate it? I'd appreciate the info very much.

Dwacon, yes,making money is a good thing if honestly done. I've read a lot of criticism against the manner of spending but I believe it's the person's right to choose how to spend what he/she has earned, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I am a freelance writer, and I get more money from less effort when writing for a contract than I do from my blogging.

As long as we make it easy for our readers to ignore our advertising if they wish, then where is the harm in that?

yuga said...

It's a a legitimate way of making a living online. Don't be too bothered if others do not yet understand the economics of professional blogging. :) I myself do get irked sometimes, but let it slide.

sexy mom said...

through Noemi's site, i came to hop to yours. i agree with all you said. there's nothing wrong in earning money from blogs. just yesterday, i had a post on "The Fine Art of Blogging", in which i said:

"About earning money? My primary reason in maintaining my blog is to share my thoughts and experiences with my readers. I also keep my blog because it is one way of networking and introducing myself—of telling my readers that hey, here is a writer. It also showcases my writing skills. Through this blog, I was able to earn money—it has caught the attention of some people who wanted help in writing and research. I have adsense, though this is not much. I have learned from a recent local blogging summit that blogs can be monetized. I am trying to learn about how one can get passive income or residual earnings through the blogs."

if i were you, i would not care about the nasty things some people say. don't let them affect you.

Maia Jose said...

Markk, I have just made the blog dofollow. I'm not sure if it's retroactive on your comment but you're always welcome to comment again. Thanks for the heads up on this.

Gary, I have found the same to be true in my case, too, especially because blogging optimization and monetization is still new to me and there is so much to learn. At this stage it can be more difficult than the freelance work I've been used to for the last 20 years. I am determined to learn, though, to keep up with the rest of the world.

Yuga and Sexy Mom, you're right. I shouldn't have let the nasty words get to me.

It would be much more productive to focus on the positive - on the pleasure of writing online for a global audience and conversing with fellow bloggers. And, yes, there are also a lot of people online who are very helpful and supportive, especially for newbies. That balances the equation nicely.

Now I'm off to visit your pages :-)

roland said...

you know what i actually envy guys who make money online! :) lalo na cguro kung 5 digits na yung kinikita mo thru blogging - thats talent and hardwork! :)

Markk said...

I see you have done the DoFollow. For a good read on it, you should check out The Instigator Blog or Andy Beard's blog. Of course, do it when you're free. Cheers.

Maia Jose said...

We have to believe we can get there, Roland :-)

OK Markk, that goes on top of my to do list :-)

Maia Jose said...

Well,it turns out that I learned how to remove nofollow from Andy Beard's instructions at http://andybeard.eu/2007/03/how-to-remove-nofollow-on-new-blogger-dofollow-on-blogspot.html

I got there from a Google search. How about that?

On to investigate The Instigator...

1dollar said...

I think it's good to have an entrepreneural spirit, that's what the world keeps going.

Maia Jose said...

I agree. The internet is a good place to start, especially for those who do not want to risk capital while learning. Here, our investment largely consists of our mind, skills, effort and time.

Rod said...

There is nothing wrong with making money on line. You are not hurting anyone or inflicting noise polution or anything else! In fact you have a virtual 'store front' and that is commerce! Keep it up!
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Maia Jose said...

Thanks, Rod. Keep up the fight to finally take Alex home, too. I am praying for your success.

E Akino said...

The reason we blog is not the monetary benefit, it is just the added advantage of blogging, why not take advantage, were only human. More power, ate!

Maia Jose said...

Thanks, E Akino. I believe in the saying, "Do what you love to do and the money will follow." Good luck on your online ventures, too!

Matthew C. Keegan said...

Never apologize for monetizing your blog! There are some in the blogosphere who want to impose their standards upon you. Well, good for them!

I write for several blogs including the one you visited today. Ad revenue allows me to spend more time writing instead of having to create additional work that takes away from what I want to do.

Funny how people think nothing of slapping Google ads all over the place but get upset by the paid posts that we make.

Thanks for stopping by too.

Maia Jose said...

No one forces anyone to read blogs they don't want to read anyway so they'll just have to live and let live. In the meantime, we can go on to support each other by visiting :-) Thanks for dropping by, too!

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