Sunday, April 08, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Don't get intimidated by keywords and KEI

I'm sorry for being away the last two days. I was spending more time with the family, it being Holy Week. My intention was to stay away from the laptop. It didn't happen.

It wasn't so bad, though. My laptop is just beside the dining table which faces the TV and where everyone converges during all our waking times, anyway. So I'm always talking to everyone even as I work.

I wasn't posting but I sure was working. I was doing research on the net, reading up on how to further optimize my blogs and how to earn more. (There's so much to read out there!)

We all know about how important keywords are. For newbies like me (or noobs, as my friend, female-gamer, puts it), these are the words directly related to our main topic which we need to include in our blog title, headings and blog posts.

Search engine spiders pick up on these and use them to include us in relevant searches. Google Adsense also uses our keywords to provide us with relevant ads.

I already knew my keywords for each of my blogs. As I mentioned in previous posts, I intentionally targetted certain niches for each one.

Then I read that Google Adsense pays publishers varying rates depending on keywords. In other words, some keywords earn more than others even with the same traffic because advertisers pay more for certain keywords.

I found some sites that list top-paying keywords. (Just search Google for top-paying keywords.) Much to my dismay, my own keywords were nowhere there.

As an experiment (here I go again) I created a new blog based solely on a cluster of some of the highest paying keywords I found on the list. Credit Ability is on credit cards, loans, credit counseling, credit management, loan consolidation and everything else related to that.

We'll see how that blog performs in Adsense.

After I had set up that blog - including finalizing it's look, putting in Adsense, researching and writing a decent post, claiming it at technorati and including it in MyBlogLog - I found out about KEI.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) compares a keyword's popularity in searches to the number of sites using it and competing in the searches. In other words, we should want a keyword that a lot of people are searching for but relatively few sites are using. That means having a KEI of at least 10-100 or, better still, 100-400.

Wordtracker offers a trial use of their software to measure your keyword's KEI, so I immediately put it to work, of course.

I exhausted my list of keywords for all my blogs, including more related keywords that Wordtracker came up with. The result? Most of my keywords didn't even score a 1! Less than 5 scored, well, less than 5 points.

Imagine how depressing that was!

But no, I didn't let it get to me. I thought about the biggest blog networks, B5media and Creative Weblogging. They each have numerous blogs that do not necessarily fall under the top-paying keywords category. Several of their blogs are also on the same topics I write about. So I guess I'm not totally off-track then, am I?

So I won't let myself get intimidated. I'll just keep on writing in my blogs, doing my networking and I'll see how this experiment goes in the long run.

Please, if there's something I'm not getting here, will someone let me know?

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sasha said...

There's so much to know in this money-making blogworld talaga! I've been reading stuff about increasing one's site rank nga and nakakalito sa dami.

Oh well, goodluck to us! May we be able to maximize our blogs to its full potential.

Happy Easter, Maia! :)

Maia Jose said...

I know you've had your blog for so many years already. I'm sure you have tons of experience by now. I'll knock on your blog when I need advice ha? Happy Easter :-)

marhgil said...

Yes, you are right, don't be intimidated by keywords. Besides, high paying keywords has lot of competitors. My advice is to focus on a blog where you are mostly interested in, and money will follow. ;) I've been doing Adsense for a couple of months now, and I received my paycheck after 3 months after starting a brand new blog. You might want to read my story here. Happy Easter!

Maia Jose said...

Your story is such an inspiration! I'm going to be a regular "student" at your blog from now on. I hope to duplicate your success. Thanks so much for sharing the tips! :-)

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