Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: A Blogaholic's Rationalizations

Yes, I'm a blogaholic. With 6 blogs now running, I have to own up to that :-)

It's a fairly recent affliction. My first blog was just set up last March 22. I've been very busy since then.

It seems like the more I read about blogging and adsense and optimization, the more I had to set up my own experiments for some actual hands-on learning.

I've come to love three of my blogs so much, though, that monetization seems to be just a bonus when it comes to them.

Of course, first on my list is my first-born blog, Manila Mom. I believe this blog will chronicle my growth in this field. I also hope it can help other newbies like me and that, eventually, I become successful enough to be an inspiration as much as those who came before me have inspired me to go in this direction.

Next is my Cafe Romanza blog. It presents my romance writer persona - a very major part of my career. It also reflects my views on love, marriage, relationships and romance, something that's central to my own growth as a woman and a person. I couldn't do without this blog the same way I couldn't do without romance in my life and my writing career.

And then there's 3 Dogs, 3 Pigs & a Family. This was something I had always wanted to write about. I held back initially because it seemed too personal. Who would be interested? Then the blogosphere itself gave me a nudge by linking me up with an advocate of askals (native Philippine dogs andmixed breed dogs). I found a compelling reason to write about how we should love our askals as much as purebred pedigree dogs. Of course, it couldn't not include our other pets and our crazy family life, as well. (Yes, crazy, as in naming our dogs Poop, Booger and Barf.)

My other 3 blogs have been calculated to fit into particular niches. They are more challenging to write for but I like to think of it as a professional challenge. I am my own content provider and, as such, I have to be able to write on whatever topic is called for.

My 2 Centavos Worth focuses on TV shows, celebrities and what's hot on the web. It's entertaining for me, too, in that I get to keep abreast of the entertainment industry.

My Earn Global blog was initially meant to support and drive more traffic to my affiliate business with Global Domains International. Well, the business was a failure but I decided to keep my blog and focus it on various home based web businesses instead.

Earn Global will be closely related to Manila Mom in subject matter although this blog will be more personal and more reflective of my own journey while the other will be more of a review of what's out there.

Finally, there's Credit Ability, my most "calculated" experiment. It is meant to test whether a blog on supposedly highly-searched and highly-paid keywords will succeed.

So there you have it. These are my rationalizations for being a blogaholic.

Wait, I forgot - making this an income-generating attempt also rationalizes the time I spend surfing :-) Now I can call it research!

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