Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Keeping Ideas Percolating Even Offline

Arghh! This can be really frustrating. Balancing the blogging bug and real life, I mean.

Despite all good intentions to post daily, real life happens, of course, and throws in some unexpected challenges along the way.

There's no contest here. Real life wins. After all, there's no point in having a life online if you don't have a life offline.

It was my mother-in-law's birthday yesterday and we went out to lunch with the family. I told myself I would blog at night. No way would I miss that family lunch.

Then I realized we were taking my eldest daughter to her friend's birthday party that night. It was at Makati - quite far from our place - and it wouldn't be practical to drive back and forth so we decided to wait for her at the mall. I thought the party would end at 10 so I could still have time to blog. It ended at almost midnight. By the time we arrived home I was pooped.

Today I received a text message from one of my major clients in my freelance writing. So I have to go out to their office to pick up my check. (Yey!)

That means I'll have to postpone my posts for my other blogs till we get back.

I'm so worked up by the new inspiration brought on by marhgil's comment on my previous post, though. Do read his Adsense success story and you'll be fired up,too.

Now I have even more ideas cropping up in my head and I'll keep them percolating while I'm offline.

First off, I'm going to heed my good friend's advice for Cafe Romanza. I will be serializing one of my unpublished fantasy romances there. If you'd like to read a Maia Jose Filipino romance novel for free, drop by. I'll start tomorrow.

I'm also itching to continue telling my stories about our askals (mixed breed native dogs) and guinea pigs in 3 Dogs, 3 Pigs & a Family.

As for My 2 Centavos Worth, I find myself mentally tagging everything I read about celebrities and TV shows for possible posting there.

Then, of course,I also keep my eyes open for news on home based web businesses for Earn Global, and on credit issues for Credit Ability.

Blogging means working both online and offline. That's a plus because it means there's no time wasted. Just because you're not pounding the keys doesn't mean you're being unproductive for your blog. The mental work is just as important.

Then again, you really have to make sure you do update your posts as much as you can.

I have to rush off now. See you later, friends!

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roland said...

hi! right now i have some sort of syllabus for my blog hehe that way im "forced" to keep my blog updated :) its also good to take note of instantaneous ideas since we may forget them a day or two.

Maia Jose said...

That's a great idea. I should be as organized, especially now that I have several blogs to take care of. I only have a notebook with hurried notes as I surf. You know, you could compile your blogs into an ebook later since your posts are already organized according to your syllabus.

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