Thursday, April 09, 2009

Work at Home Mom: Earn Global Online with Blog Advertising Network, Paying Post

Bloggers from around the world have another online earning opportunity with where you get paid to blog.

Paying Post is a blog advertising network. They cater to advertisers by providing a network of blogs for them to advertise in. They also cater to bloggers by providing a variety of blogging opportunities that advertisers pay for.

Bloggers and advertisers alike benefit from such a service. The earning potential for bloggers is obvious. For advertisers, blog advertising is one of the best ways to make money.

Advertising on blogs, especially through linked reviews, is considered one of the most effective advertising methods since blogs have a high level of credibility among readers. The blog needs to have wide readership, though, to be attractive to advertisers.

There are many other ways of blog advertising, as well.

One of these is contextual advertising where the ads correspond to the topic of the blog posts. This is one of the most popular blog advertising methods used by bloggers since even start-up blogs can immediately qualify.

Contextual advertising should not be confused with text link ads where the links are in the body of the post itself, necessarily organic to the write up.

On the other hand, there are direct ads that can be placed on blogs through side texts, buttons or banners. These may or may not be related to the topic and theme of the blog.

There are various payment methods for blog advertising.

The paid-per-impression method pays the blogger for the number of times the ad appears on the page. For static ads, this means the number of times the page it appears on is viewed. There are also arrangements, though, when the ads rotate and only appear on certain page views. In any event, the number of times that the ad is viewed on the page is monitored and used as the basis for payment.

In the paid-per-click method the blogger is paid by the advertiser according to the number of clicks the ad gets from visitors.

The paid-per-action method is the most demanding in that it requires that the visitor take specified actions such as buy a product or subscribe to something in order for the blogger to get paid.

Any of these methods or, better yet, a combination of these methods provide good ways of making money through blog advertising.

At Paying Post, bloggers are given opportunities to do paid reviews. So if you have a blog with a following, why not try to earn global online with it? Drop by and see if it qualifies.

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