Monday, June 29, 2009

I Earn with RevTwt at Twitter

I'm thrilled with my Twitter traffic. My followers now number 1,177, with more coming every day. Thanks everyone!

I registered with RevTwt and am starting to earn from my Twitter account. It's free like Adsense and you can earn per click and per thousand followers.

Make sure you study their rules, though. You wouldn't want to have your account banned.

They require real Twitter accounts. That means having real tweets and not just mostly ads in your tweets. They also limit ad posting to every two hours with at least 5 normal non-selling tweets without links in between. You can also post an ad only once per day, so if you want to post ads several times, make sure they are different ads.

So if you Twitter, come on and join me with RevTwt.

Our Shih Tzu, Belch, Had a Reaction to His Booster Shot

We had a big scare yesterday. Our two year old shih tzu, Belch - the baby of the family - had his booster shot for 5-in-1 and deworming at 2 pm. Good thing I work from home and was here with him when he started acting weird at around 6 pm. First he vomited something milky. Then he started rubbing his face on the floor. I checked and saw that the area around both eyes were bright pink.

Almost in a panic, I called my husband and kids on the cellphone. Luckily they were already on their way home, and were just a few blocks away. They called the vet - which I didn't think of earlier - and she said to give him sugared water as an emergency measure, then bring him to her. Fortunately, again, she's just about two blocks away.

The vet gave Belch a shot of antihistamines and he immediately got better. Such a relief.

I read online that quite a lot of dogs get reactions from booster shots. Some even die from it.

Some online sources say that if the dog is kept away from other animals and just stays at home, perhaps vaccination can be waived as an adult. What do you think?

Friday, June 26, 2009

All the NFL Games You Want on Your TV

Can you imagine having all the NFL games you want on your TV? Yes, I mean ALL – even those games not accessed by other channels. Do I hear the men cheering? Oh, not to be sexist, I do know women who love watching football, too. I myself am totally clueless about the game but I can imagine how fans of the sport will react to this news. With the nfl sunday ticket from DirectTV, what was once impossible is now possible.

That means you can watch the games in the east coast even while you’re on the west coast, and vice versa. Ah, and they say you can watch up to 14 games all in one Sunday, each and every Sunday. How can you do that? Save the others on the DVR, silly. Oh, but did I tell you that you can watch eight of those all at the same time? Yup, an eight-way split on your screen can show eight ongoing games.

For the nfl sunday ticket schedule and the nfl sunday ticket price, you’ll just have to check out the site.

This calls for some serious stocking up on chips and beer. You might as well call it couch potato Sunday.

Surfing Through the Night

It's so quiet and peaceful at night, especially past midnight. With my writing assignments done this is the perfect time for me, surfing the net not for research but for the sheer pleasure of browsing through ideas, information and opinions of people everywhere.

I feel like a wizard looking at a crystal ball, with the entire world laid out before me. Being online is such a privilege indeed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Direct SAT TV Continues to Serve Entertainment to Urban, Suburban and Rural America

It used to be that parts of rural America not being served by cable TV was being left behind in terms of television entertainment with limited programming. This changed in 1994 with the launch of DirectTV. With its nationwide range, all of rural America was placed on a level playing field with its urban and suburban counterparts. Imagine the effect on popular culture of this one simple move.

Direct Sat TV continues the tradition by being an authorized Direct TV reseller providing the public with the lowest prices for the entire Direct TV System. This further widens access to Direct TV Service especially in these tight times. Still, entertainment even becomes more of a need when people are depressed, right?

If you ask me, anyone who provides great service at the lowest cost is a winner. And since DirectTV provides more than 130 of the best HD channels – which is much more than cable companies provide in the US – I think they are offering a great deal.

Growing at Twitter

I never realized that Twitter could be so exciting.

I started actively following people yesterday afternoon and gained almost 600 followers in return. I started with only 17 followers and am at 600 as I write this.

What's intriguing is that many of those followers did not come from follow backs of people I first followed. I'm now wondering where they came from.

Perhaps it helped that I joined some Twitter applications such as TweeplePages and Tweepular.

I'm really excited at the possibilities of social media marketing through Twitter.

Online Shopping with a New Shopping Buddy

Shopping is a human need. I know that a lot of people will agree with me, despite the worldwide economic crisis. If anything, the crisis compels us to be more discerning in our priorities and requires us to be better shoppers, more discriminating in terms of quality and cost. With all the stress we are undergoing, we try to find some joy in an inexpensive purchase that brings great returns.

ShopWiki is the place to go online for these shopping indulgences. I never knew that there was one giant shopping portal where you can find anything you want to buy online. ShopWiki is both a portal and a shopping search engine that crawls each and every online shop for you, finding whatever it is you are looking for and presenting you with all available options. It even gives you helpful tips on choosing and using the products you want, including organic health and beauty products and cosmetics and beauty tools.

This is the perfect online shopping partner indeed. It’s just like having your best friend with you to consult with. I’m really liking this place. Okay, maybe even just for window shopping. Unless of course there’s a bargain that’s just too good to pass up, wink, wink.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Adsense is Working on the Glitch

Okay, I stand corrected. Google has posted the following on its Adsense Known Issues page:

June 22, 2009: The amount displayed when you generate a 'Since last payment' report is currently incorrect, but our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please be assured that this is only a display issue, and that you're being properly credited for your earnings.

Work-around: In the meantime, you can still calculate how much you've generated since your last payment. Generate an Advanced Report for your earnings from the current month and then add the total unpaid balance listed on your Payment History page. Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

It's good to know that bloggers and other Adsense users will not be losing income. Thank you, Google!

Exploring Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

I joined Twitter two years ago but never really used it until now. My interest was fueled by an article I wrote on assignment for my freelance SEO writing. It reminded me of how powerful social media marketing can be.

I admit I have been remiss in my blogging and social networking efforts for some time now. I was busy working offline for more than a year. My blog posts were few and far between. Now that I'm working from home again, I intend to renew my efforts online. Learning how to maximize Twitter is one of those efforts.

I also joined Tweeple Pages to connect with more Twitter users. It's a free site where Twitter users are grouped by interests. It's fun to search for fellow writers, fellow romance novelists, fellow moms, etcetera.

Do you Twitter? If so, you'll find me there as ManilaMom or Maia Jose.

Google Adsense Glitches?

I thought I was the only one experiencing problems with Google Adsense. The figures on my Payment History page do not tally with the figures on my Earnings Since Last Payment report. The latter report is lower by about $10.

I searched the web and found many similar complaints on various online fora. I couldn't find a single response from Google, though.

I hope this is just a temporary reporting glitch and that we Adsense users aren't really losing any money.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

The celebrations are coming one after the other. Today we celebrate Fathers Day.

I am thankful for the father of my children, my husband, the love of my life. We are blessed indeed because he is the best father my children could ever have. Their deep love, respect and admiration for all that he is and everything he stands for is the best testimonial to his fatherhood.

I am thankful for my father in law. He is over 80 but still drives his grandchildren to school. He still takes care of all of us.

I am thankful for my own Dad, and miss him so very, very much. He passed away in 2006. For me he was the perfect father. Maybe that's why I fell in love with a man who is so like him in many ways.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Three Years to Be a Golden Girl

It's my 47th birthday today and I feel great. I'm thankful that I'm in good health, and happy with my husband and children. Three more years and I can call myself a golden girl. That's something to look forward to, indeed.

But let's not get too far ahead of the game. I do intend to enjoy the next three years of my 40s to the max before I finally reach that golden threshold. =D

Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Parents' in Law's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Wow, my parents in law have been married for 50 years now. Today is their golden wedding anniversary. And that marriage has produced the most important man in my life - my darling husband!

I am so glad that my parents in law met, fell in love and got married. I owe my happiness to that.

I look forward to celebrating 50 years and much, much more with my husband, too. Next year we will be marking our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes!!!

Years from now, I'm sure my future sons in law and daughter in law will happily celebrate the fact that my husband and I met, fell in love and got married, too.
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