Friday, April 27, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: The Favorite Link Exchange List - My Addendum to The Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange

The Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange began by DoshDosh and which I'm also hosting here continues to be a great success for this blog. In fact, as of the time of this writing, I have been favorited by 101 members at Technorati.

I also have 131 links from 78 blogs. Although I believe most of those links are from my DoFollow activities, I also see a significant number of links from The Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange.

Having seven blogs poses a problem for me, though. I only have one Technorati account and can, therefore, only fairly exchange once with those who own only one blog. My other blogs are beginning to feel lonely. (If you have more than one blog, please let me know so we can do the corresponding exchange - if you're game, that is.)

To accommodate my other blogs, I put up my Favorite Link Exchange List at Cafe Romanza.

So how does it work?

1. First, you have to join The Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange here. (Follow the instructions in the post, including leaving a comment so I can fave you back.)

2. Go to the Favorite Link Exchange post at Cafe Romanza. Fave that blog, too, and leave a comment there that you've faved both Manila Mom and Cafe Romanza. I will add your blog as a permanent link on the Favorite Link Exchange List.

3. I have put a sticky announcement on the front page linked to the Favorite Link Exchange List so others can come see you on the list. They'll know you're open to a fave exchange and will most probably visit your blog to do so.

Nice exchange, don't you think?

If you feel like it, I will also appreciate very much if you link to Cafe Romanza in your blog. It's not a requirement, though.

It seems like the more I do here, the more there is to be done. The more I learn, the more there is to learn. I'm not complaining, though. I feel even more alive than ever! :-D

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sexy mom said...

oh, i have to learn these things, am gonna ask my son, J Angelo, how this works (or am i already doing it?) LOL. am no tecchy savvy you know.

Maia Jose said...

I'm clueless at tech aspects, too. I just learn as I go along. Most of the other stuff is still way beyond me so I just pick up what I can :)

newopps said...

hi, i fave both or your blog.

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

I will add your link at Cafe Romanza, Newopps. That way, you have been faved and have gained one link, too. :) Thanks!

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