Monday, April 23, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: Great Bargains on Ladies' Designer Bags & Shoes

Ladies, let's go shopping!

I have just put up Manila Mom's Handpicked Bazaar Finds with items I personally chose as great bargains. I pored through literally thousands of ladies' designer bags and shoes on the net and came up with these beauties that are being sold at slashed down prices - as much as 50% off: Prada, Fendi, YSL, Kate Spade, and more.

You have to hurry, though. When I was choosing these items, the best ones were "one item remaining on stock" from the seller. So it's first come, first served. I hope you be the lucky one to score the designer bag or shoe of your choice.

I also have some ladies shoes there that are not at "sale prices." It's because I, myself, am wanting those new Cole Haan/Nike Air G Series collaborations - sexy high-heeled shoes and platforms with the built-in comfort of Nike air cushions! It's about time! Why not be among the first to enjoy them?

Very soon I will be adding other items to my store - great buys in gadgets and clothes and other objects of craving. Don't worry, I'll announce them here so you'll have first choice on the bargains I find.

Stay tuned!

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roland said...

wow, 995$ for a prada? ang mahal talaga ng gamit ng babae ;)

ey said...

wow! may bago pala dito..may bazaar ka na! :)
sige shopping ako...pero window shopping muna hehe.

Maia Jose said...

And that was at 50% off, roland! It's way beyond me, too, but it has been sold already - unfortunately not through my store, though. Some people are lucky to be able to afford these lovely things and I hope I can help them find good buys. I'm enjoying the choosing na lang, hehe.

Maia Jose said...

ey, this is really virtual enjoyment na lang for us, hehe! but it's fun to choose the items. para na rin akong nag-shopping - for others nga lang.

minutechaser said...

Woot, nice store, great choices. Shoes are pretty hard to buy online though 'cos I would want to try them for comfort.

Maia Jose said...

That's true for me, too. Others find, though, that when they've been buying from a certain brand they already know how it fits them in general. It's also easier to buy sandals and flat thong slip-ons this way.

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