Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Yes, Filipinas Are Sexy!

I owe the fun post below to an unfortunate incident that befell my blog friend, Sexy Mom. Imagine a fanatic accusing her of being a disgrace to Filipina women because of her moniker? Of course, Sexy Mom's readers wouldn't have any of it and have said so in no uncertain terms.

Dine, two positive things came out of that nasty comment sent to you. I guess "decent" mother's intentions backfired on her!

On a purely personal angle, I was able to discover MrsPartyGirl's site from her comment on your post. I liked her comment:

"i am a filipina, i am decent (ask my husband), but i want to be sexy, too! why should 'decentmother' want to take that away from me just because she has some moral/semantic dilemma?"

I teased her:

"Be careful MrsPartyGirl! Some “decent” people may think that its disgraceful for moms to call themselves party girls, and even more scandalous to want to be sexy! ;D

"Hey, I want to be sexy, too! Let’s call ourselves Dine’s Gang of Sexy Mommas!"

She gamely replied:

"hey manila mom, i hear ya! :) actually, when i google my nick, i’m directed to sites of either promiscuous married women with their equally promiscuous gardeners or college girls who have more than just their studies on their mind. :P so sexymom, you are not alone hehe."

I visited MrsPartyGirl's site and got myself tagged (volunteered, actually) for the meme below.

On a more serious note, I also followed Angelic Mom home from her comment to your post. I have been a regular reader of her blog since I started blogging. I agreed with her call to reshape the Filipina woman's image online. And so, my post at Cafe Romanza: Sexy Filipinas - Including Sexy Filipina Moms - Stand Up and Be Counted!

Yes, Filipinas are sexy! As I said in my post: Let the world know that Filipinas are, indeed, sexy and that being sexy does not necessarily have anything to do with sordid commercial sex.

Filipinas are sexy because we are strong, intelligent, capable, forward-thinking, courageous, confident, dignified, sincere, caring and loving. We know ourselves and are comfortable with ourselves.

So, are you a sexy Filipina, too?

These blog posts are about the sexy Filipina:

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

Probably wanted SexyMom's domain name - it's cool like ManilaMom's.

Emmyrose said...

Sad to say I'm not at all sexy :(

since i've been taking steriods for the past 6yrs, i'm not sure if i'll ever be sexy again but i'm fine with it :)

hope you can check out my new blog..

MrsPartyGirl said...

uy extra ako ulit dito, hehe. thanks for the mention. i was really affected by that comment kasi it's unfair and uninformed.

how about it, gangmate? i'm ready to unleash some "sexy" into the world. game? :)

MJ said...

Probably, AnitoKid. Thanks for calling my domain name cool :D I got lucky that no one got it ahead of me.

EmmyRose, of course you're sexy! "Filipinas are sexy because we are strong, intelligent, capable, forward-thinking, courageous, confident, dignified, sincere, caring and loving. We know ourselves and are comfortable with ourselves." Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, my dear.

MsPartyGirl, yes, I'm game! And let's get even more members into the gang of Sexy Mommas!

amgine said...

siguro naloka si "decent mom" sa dami ng reactions na nagback fire sa kanya.

as for being sexy, wait lang kasi di pa lumalabas ang bagets ko, pag nanganak na ko pwede na ulit magpasexy. but as you said, being sexy is more than the physical, so yeah im still sexy!

as for the tag, ill finish it this week po. thanks.

MJ said...

True, Amgine. That person may be regretting ever writing those words, haha!

As to being sexy while preggy, I believe a pregnant woman is at her sexiest! Savor each moment and feel your beauty, power and sexiness!

Constructicle Boy said...

hello.this is constructicle boy and i have added you to the train under this link,

noemi said...

I am a sexy Filipina. Let's reclaim the Filipina .

Thanks for writing this entry. I have added both of your entries here

MJ said...

Thank you, Noemi! Let's hope more and more bloggers - male and female alike - join us.

MJ said...

Constructible Boy, I have added you to the Alexa list. Thanks!

issai said...

noemi's right, we need to reclaim the word filipina. in a different light, it's sad that in foreign lands, the first thing they think about is "dh" (no offense)or Imelda when they are introduced to the word "Filipina". Let's show the world that we are not mail-order brides. let our actions and not our words define us. i'll do my part, and i hope others will.

MJ said...

I don't mind the former, Issai, because they do our country proud, but I cringe at the latter. Of course, all generalizations such as these are not right. That's why the campaign hopes to show that there's more to us, Filipinas.

Not that we deny having wonderful Filipina domestic helpers all over the world, sacrificing for their families back here. We just want to assert that we also do our country proud in many, many other ways.

SexyMom said...

now, now, we see something happening in the google pages, let's keep the crusade burning, Sexy Manila Mom!

MJ said...

Indeed, Sexy Mom! And let's all keep this going until we reclaim the search for "Filipina" as well.

JesseTheCat said...

Hello, thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog.I am glad I was able to amuse you, lol, as well as the fact that you can relate.I see you are also struggling to push up your google.Well, I guess it all takes time and effort.I will visit some of your other blogs as I can.Chow for now and have a great day

MJ said...

Thanks for dropping by, JessetheCat! I guess we're all working to make our Adsense income make sense vis-a-vis the effort we put in our blogs :D

On the other hand, blogging brings in a lot of other pleasures, as well, including blog friendships and being able to join in relevant discussions online.

Dondi Tiples said...

99% Sexy Mom?.... Hahahahah!
Wish I could be as empowered and confident. But we're all, one way or another, getting there. Some of us futher ahead than most.

I'm all for this mindset. Sexy here I come! Join ako sa Sexy Mommas, ha...wait til I figure out how tag...

MJ said...

You're definitely a Sexy Momma according to our definition, Dondi! 100%! :D

Annamanila said...

All these responses and call to action for "proud to be sexy filipina" posts to clean up the image was triggered by that anonymous toxic letter to my friend Dine aka sexymom. Talk about gems underneath a disaster.

I like the repartee between you and mrspartygirl. She's one rocking blogger too ha.

I hope to contribute to this campaign through a forthcoming post. But please don't hold your breath ... haven't the slightest idea yet what to do.

MJ said...

From what I've been reading in your blog, you definitely are a Sexy Filipina Mom, Annamanila! :D

SpellSpy said...

Your words offers the audience a post -colonial gender neutral discourse of sensitivity, understanding, intelligence and expression. The discourse is interesting; it takes into account the struggle of the voice to find meaning within neo-nationalism and post-colonialism. The intergrity of the voice is a filpina dialectic of culture articulation.

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