Friday, June 08, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: New Blog Launched and New Domains, Too

This Mom has a new baby, folks. Please welcome All Free Stuff Blog, complete with its own domain name. It will be filled with freebies of all kinds that I'll be collecting from around the web. What more could visitors ask for?

In my effort to do the right thing by my blogs, I have also given two of my existing blogs their own domain names. The former "My 2 Centavos Worth" is now Hot Buzz, Hot Biz: My 2 Centavos Worth. A search for "hot buzz" shows its MyBlogLog page on page one, although still for the blogspot url.

Credit Ability has the same blog name but with its own domain. Its blogspot url shows up number one when searching for "credit ability."

Actually the search results prompted me to get the domain names for these blogs. I didn't want to waste the opportunity.

A while back, I had also given Earn Global Online its own domain name. Again, it was because the blogspot url was showing up on top of the search. Now the domain name shows up as numbers one and two and its MyBlogLog page shows up as numbers three and four in a search.

I forgot to claim the new domain name of Earn GlobalOnline at Technorati earlier, though, so I did it along with the new ones.

This is where it got tricky.

There was absolutely no problem in claiming In fact, the new domain name smoothly inherited the authority of its blogspot counterpart, enabling me to delete claim from the old one.

When I claimed, though, it came out with zero authority even if its blogspot counterpart had an authority of 31. About an hour later, it showed an authority of 4. I'm hoping it will soon catch up.

The biggest problem I had - which I had not encountered before - was claiming For some reason, Technorati persists in deleting the www from the url. Since I am using Blogger's free hosting, the www is crucial in pointing to my site from Yahoo domains. Without it, you will arrive at a placeholder site.

I tried to repeat the claiming process several times but got the same results. I ended up just leaving my old Technorati account for

I'm wondering at the inconsistency of Technorati because I have been using the same setup for my other blogs for which there were no problems. Technorati recognized the www for the others. Why the exception this time?

I will keep on trying in the next few days. If anyone has any answers, I'd be happy to hear them.


Wallet Rehab - Ways to Save Money said...

Wow, that's a lot of new blogs! Good luck with them all! We have some overlap too!

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

You have a great blog with lots of cool free stuff, Wallet Rehab!

I hope my All Free Stuff Blog can measure up soon :-D

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