Saturday, June 09, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: I Need Your Advice

May I have your opinion on these, folks?

I already got the domain name I'm not sure whether I should use it here, though.

I'm thinking that I should do so before the next PR update so that in case this blog gets a raise then it will already be with the domain name.

On the other hand, I'm worried that if I shift, the existing links to the blogspot url might not be counted.

Andy Beard mentioned in a comment earlier that all links will be forwarded when I use the same free Blogger hosting. Pardon me for my doubts, Andy, but is this really, really so? I'd like some more confirmation, please, folks.

You see, I've been loving the growing link love showing up in Manila Mom's Technorati authority. I wouldn't want to risk losing any of it.

I did try to shift for a few minutes. Boy, did I love seeing in the address of this blog. And the Technorati widget still showed the same numbers, too.

The scenario changed, however, when I claimed the new domain name in Technorati. Whereas the blogspot url of Manila Mom still had its authority, the new domain had zero!

Will there then be two sets of Technorati stats with all the existing blog links left with the blogspot url?

I immediately switched the blog back to its blogspot url!!!

So now I'm in a quandary.

What do you think? Will shifting to (using the free Blogger hosting) hurt my standing and erase what I have gained so far?

I'd really appreciate your advice.

Thanks so much!


Angie said...

I'm not sure about the Blogger hosting issue and if PR translates.

But, if you do begin to cultivate ManilaMom anew, start now. I started one of my blogs March 17 and even though I busted my rear getting backlinks, ect. I did not get PR :(

Then again, I have heard people claim they opened a domain 2 weeks before the PR update and got ranked. Who really knows?

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks for visiting, Angie!

If I didn't have anything to lose, I would start over again immediately. I opened Manila Mom end of March and got a PR 2 in the last update. Even that, I would give up to start again.

Since then, however, I have been able to get quite a lot of backlinks reflected at Technorati. I see 184 now. These I don't want to risk losing.

I have been seeing quite a number of very successful blogspot blogs so if I don't necessarily intend Manila Mom to be pay-per-post or something like that, I'm wondering if it really needs to go dot com.

On the other hand,if I get to retain the Technorati authority and links, then why not?

I really hope to get some answers.

THE ANiTOKiD said... is one cool domain name! I've read several posts on the topic at hand, ManilaMom, and all say the same thing - move to dotcom ASAP, especially when the blog is just starting out (a few months). These posts were written by "SEO, professional bloggers, etc." And to be honest with you, I've seen your writing and all. Believe me, mom, those links that you will lose because of shifting to dotcom will eventually return because of the interesting posts you will churn out in the future.
Shifting may "temporarily hurt" your standing, but you stand to gain more in the long run. I hope this helps Mom! Good luck!

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Ouch! Losing all those links will definitely hurt.

But, yes, I guess doing it earlier will also mean that I can build up again earlier.

Okay, let me savor the links a little more before I close my eyes and take the plunge. This is the closest I will ever get to bungee jumping, I guess :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Good luck ManilaMom! It is all for the better! And who knows, another link train may just be around the corner....:) More power Mom!

marhgil said...

if you are moving to a new domain, the best way is to make a 301 redirect. I checked HTTP headers using this tool and found out that it is correctly doing a 301 redirect. What does this mean? It's good news, all the links you've acquired for will be counted for by search engines. All your links will still be counted by search engines, and you will have the same PR or higher on the next PR update.

You might start from zero on Technorati Authority since Technorati can't read 301 redirects, but it's not a big deal for me. Technorati Authority are just ego boosters. :D

Trinity said...

I agree with AnitoKid. I've been finding out that it's not the one-time visitors that really matter in the long run. It's people who keep coming back to your site because they like what they see and the quality of your writing guarantees that. Also, is there a way for you to know who have links to your site? If so, maybe send them an email and request them to update the links to the new site?

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

That's a relief, indeed, Marhgil, and it confirms Andy Beard's opinion.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, too, AnitoKid and Trinity!

I wouldn't have had the courage to take the risk without all your support.

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