Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: This Blog Is Now Officially

Yes, I finally took the plunge and changed to the domain name, using free Blogger hosting. I did so a few hours ago as a test and, thankfully, my Technorati widget continues to show my old blog link stats and it continues to grow.

Marhgil tells me that I have a 301 redirect which means all my existing links for will still be counted by search engines for This confirms what Andy Beard told me before. What a relief!

Marhgil also mentioned that Technorati can't read 301 redirects.

I'm not sure how my Technorati widget still shows my old stats, and it's still being updated promptly every few minutes. I hope it stays this way.

At Technorati, though, I have two blogs claimed - the blogspot and the dot com. Whereas the blogspot account shows the updated stats, the dot com account shows zero authority.

Since both urls are for the same blog, I don't know which will show when someone does a search for Manila Mom at Technorati. Perhaps I should log out and check it out.

I also don't know how this will affect my ranking at's Top 100 Philippine Blogs. As of this moment, Manila Mom is 68th - quite a big jump from yesterday's 87th.

It feels good to see those stats and ranking, of course, but I do believe that what matters most is that I gain regular readers who will continue to read this blog not just for link exchanges (although those exchanges definitely help a lot). I fully agree with Marhgil, THE ANiTOKiD and Trinity that establishing a readership will be of greater long-term benefit.

I do hope that the blog promotional programs I have participated in will bring visitors who will also become regular readers.

So far, I am very happy with the friends I have made on this blog. I'm sure I will get to know many more good people in the blogosphere.

Now I can really say that is in for the long haul!


Angie said...

Big risk, but it looks like the payoff is going to be great. :) Such a delicate dance we perform, this blogging thing.

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

True, Angie, but it's so much fun!

I see my page rank has gone back to zero from 2, but I'm hoping it will get better on the next update. With the dot com, I can then build up from there.

Anyway, it's the journey that I'm loving.

SexyMom said...

good luck, Maia, wow, that's a good ratified jump. glad you are making progress--you deserve that, since your content is so good.

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thank you, Sexy Mom! It's actually mostly from the ViralTags links but I'm hoping to draw in regular readers from the linkers, too.

In the meantime, I'll really have to do my best to match the rank with good content :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Good luck ManilaMom! All the best! Count me in as one of your avid readers! Mabuhay!

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks, as always, AnitoKid! :)

Lakbay Pilipinas said...

wow you have a domain name na.... I have to see your blog powered by wordpress soon...

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Yikes, Lakbay Pilipinas, you'll be waiting quite a while for that. I find the learning curve steep. I'm really a klutz at techie stuff. Blogger is so much more user-friendly for someone clueless like me.

That will be up there among my goals, though :D

Johnny said...

Hi Manila Mom,

and good luck!
you deserved the PageRank.

Wish I could pay my own domain
but not yet...^_^

MJ said...

Thank you, Johnny! It took me quite a while before I decided to get the domain, too. And I'm still using free Blogger hosting to keep things affordable :D

Silkenhut said...

Hi there, super belated congratulations now that you have your own domain. Umm can I ask something? How do you get a domain to redirect to your blogspot account? I'm planning on getting my own domain soon too..^_^

MJ said...

I bought my domain name from yahoo, silkenhut. they have a very user-friendly way of redirecting it to your blogspot address.

once you have already bought your domain name, go to "manage advanced dns settings" click on "add record" and in the space for source put www and in the space for estination put

then go to your blogspot dashboard and click on settings, publishing, custom domain. put in your new domain name. it'simportant to always include the www or else you'll get an error.

hope this helps :D

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