Monday, June 18, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: My 5 Goals

Brown Baron tagged me a while back to write on My 5 Goals. It's a good segue from the Random Facts meme, and quite appropriate to do, too, as I start another year in my life.

1. Have more unfettered family time

This is much like Brown Baron's first goal of spending more time with his kids.

I've always been working from home so there's been no lack of family time for us. I, therefore, specify "unfettered" because my new goal is to have more time I can spend with the family when I am not also working on something.

The common scenario here at home is of a family working together - everyone clustered around the dining table, which also functions as our common working/study table, each doing his/her thing. All of us are used to working/studying this way so there is much banter and consultation and discussion going on.

This is okay. We love it this way. I also want more fun time for us, though, when I can just be there for them without anything else on my mind.

So, more time just relaxing together and having fun!

2. Get healthier and fitter

As the years come, and after going through my parents' illness and passing away, I realize all the more how important it is to take care of ourselves health-wise.

I really need to spend more time off my butt in front of the laptop! Get back to a regular exercise routine.

Eat healthier, instead of skipping meals and then wolfing down whatever I'm craving, and late at night, at that. Bad, bad habits!

3. Finally get started on exploring other genres in my fiction writing, and writing fiction in English

The local publishing scene in the Philippines is in an exciting stage right now. Readers have become more receptive to genres outside Filipino romance in popular literature. The language barrier seems to have been broken through, too. It's a good time to experiment.

The opportunity to sell ebooks online also gives me another reason to pursue fiction writing in English. I just can't decide yet whether to start with translations of my existing work or to write an entirely new work.

Just get started!

4. Establish enough income from blogging to replace freelance work

I have always been up front in my purpose for blogging. Aside from enjoying it, I intend it to be one of my income streams.

It would be good to develop my blogging income to an extent where I could then afford to take on less freelance work. Blogging is so much more fun to do, without the pressure of working for a client.

I know this could take time. In the meantime, I'm loving the journey.

5. Time management

I think that after you've read my four goals, it's obvious that I'm in desperate need of this final goal: time management skills!

There's just so much I want to do that there doesn't seem to be enough time to do them all.

Add to this the fact that I have chronic headaches, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, so there are days when I lose so many hours just having to rest.

At least I have my priorities straight: family time over anything else, and get myself healthier. As long as I am on track on these two, I can work on the others step by step.

So what are your 5 goals? I tag:

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Brown Baron said...

Those are great goals MJ. I think the hardest part will be time management. Good luck and thanks for the mention!

MJ said...

Thanks, Brown Baron! I know, time management is always the greatest challenge.

SexyMom said...

yes, you have your priorities straight. i totally agree with your goals, they seem to be mine, too.

like with working together and studying together with the kids in the dining table. yes, may be cluttered, but homely and warm.

and it has to be quality time--there are times that i may at home, but i seem to be far, because i am pretty much engrossed with my work, particularly when there are deadlines. oh gosh!

MJ said...

SexyMom, at least we are still lucky to be spending the time with our kids. Other families do not have this luxury when the parents need to work outside the home, and even abroad.

But, yes, it would be much,much better to have more time just focused on them.

des said...

Great goals you have, Maia, and I agree with them as I could relate. like sexymom, "they seem to be mine" as well.

i always learn a lot from you, on parenting, on income blogging, etc., that's why i always love to go back to ur blog.

so sorry for visiting just now. i got so swamped with my papers for our travel...

MJ said...

Thanks so much, Des. I'm also learning as I go along - yes, even parenting - and sharing what I'm learning.

I hope your snaffu with the Dasma guards and the Kuwait embassy has been cleared up. Pati ako umiinit ang ulo dun >:(

roland said...

one month of hiatus on my site and im missing a LOT! i have the same goals as you maia - time, health, money, and learning more from our profession.

you're the first site i visited after a month of hiatus! hehe just been busy with work.

MJ said...

Wow, thanks Roland!

Ako naman, I find myself so engrossed with blogging. It seems to soothe me while I'm still getting over the emotional crisis.

So welcome back! :)

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