Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My New Niche Blogs Launched

I have again heeded the Successful Blogging Tips of Garry Conn and have set up three new niche-targetted blogs:
Philippine Trip: Manila
Ageless Beauty, Health and Wellness
Relief from Chronic Headache,Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Each has its own domain name but is hosted for free at Blogger.

So far, I love the ads showing up on each of the pages. I believe they are very complementary to the content and will be most helpful to the target audience. I can just hope the readers will think so, too.

Now I just have to diligently provide good content regularly and hope that the traffic will come.

I am happy that Philippine Trip:Manila already shows up on the first page of a Google search for the phrase "Philippine trip." I am working on the keywords for the other two blogs.

I have also streamlined Earn Global Online with its own domain name. It's now at the top of the page on a Google search for "earn global." I am also happy with the ads showing up there.

My blog on hiatus, Credit Ability, has been reactivated. I am still observing it before going much further than updating content. I don't know why the ads do not seem to be as relevant even as I have already implemented the blocking of off-topic posts.

This is just a very small-scale version of Garry Conn's experiment but I'm hoping to continue to learn from him and other probloggers to be able to expand my endeavors.

Thanks Garry and all other helpful bloggers for all the tips!


Update: Manila Mom is now 89th in Ratified.org's Top 100 Philippine Blogs! :-D

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SexyMom said...

congratulations, dear, there is no way for your site now but better stats, UP, UP, UP!

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks, Sexy Mom! I'm inspired by the success of all who came before me, like you!

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