Monday, June 04, 2007

Update: Manila Mom is now #92 in the Top 100 Philippine Blogs

Okay, please don't get annoyed with me. I'm just really, really excited over this. Let me get it out of my system and then I'm done., now you'll have me checking on your list every day. Thank you very much, though, for giving me a much-needed boost to rev up my blogging once more.

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MommyBa said...

Congratulations! That's a great feat considering the numerous blogs that abound the Philippine blogging world. Keep it up :)

joining the ride with you on the alexa train :)

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks, Mommy Ba! It has raised me from my doldrums. Now I'm aiming to get my other blogs going, too.

Thanks, too, for dropping by :-) said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting!

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks, moodswingingmommy! See how it swings my mood up again?:-D

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Congratulations Manila Mom! Wow! So many blogsites to count! Could be a record of sort! It is indeed fun and exciting to watch the ratified counter each day...yeah, i also do it :)More power Manila Mom! Mabuhay!

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks, AnitoKid! But you're #55! Congratulations!

Oops, and you're about to go higher, too. The 55th spot is based on your having 225 blog links and I see that you now have 230. Good work!

I'm inspired and motivated to work just as hard, too :-D

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