Monday, July 30, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Li'l Fart Is Back With Mom; We Have Belch

Li'l Fart's mom came back for him and he ran off with her. We followed and saw them turn into an empty lot where a caretaker was also taking care of some free range chickens and roosters. The dogs actually have an informal home there.

Li'l Fart had been having very loose stools since yesterday and we think he will be better off being with his mother and breastfeeding. He didn't like the replacement puppy milk we gave him. He ate the mashed dog food but it didn't seem to agree with his stomach. He also cried every morning.

Since their hangout is just around the corner, we will be monitoring mother dog and pup. When we saw them this morning, they were running around playing after Li'l Fart had fed. They looked so happy at the reunion.

When Li'l Fart is a bit older and weaned and independent of his mom, perhaps we can coax him into the car again to take to PAWS. They can then find him a home.

We had prepared our youngest daughter, C3, for the separation by getting her a dog that she could keep indoors. This was not an option for Li'l Fart because he would be growing to the size of our three other mixed breeds.

Booger (black), Barf (tan) and Poop (white) were housed in a grilled area about 5 ft. x 15 ft. This was just beside our outside kitchen. Technically, though, it was part of the back area of my Mom's apartment unit. When we let go of the unit, we also had to transfer our dogs to a new enclosure that's only some 3 ft. x 12 ft. The three dogs are quite frisky and the largest one, Booger, has the body and heft of a large full-grown bassett hound. The new enclosure will definitely not be able to accommodate another dog.

C3 misses being able to cuddle her puppies indoors. Now she could only pet them in their enclosure. They are too rowdy to be allowed inside.

She has always wanted an indoor dog. One that would always stay small. Since it was her birthday last Saturday, we got her Belch - a purebred three-month-old tricolor Shih Tzu.

Belch is the perfect puppy. So sweet and well-mannered. He barely barks. He loves being cuddled but doesn't complain when put back into his pen which is right in the hub of the household. He just entertains himself with his toy or sleeps. He didn't even cry on his first night with us. And when he sleeps on his back, he looks just like a teddy bear!

C3 still misses Li'lFart so much but Belch is a big comfort to her.


SexyMom said...

so sweet...and hey, Belch is really adorable and cuddly!

MJ said...

We're all crazy about Belch, SexyMom. It's like having a new baby in the house! :D

Raam said...

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sasha said...

The puppies look so cute and cuddly! I wish I can get one kaya lang not in my budget pa kasi hehe... soon :)

Off topic, manila mom, you might want to join the meme I am thinking of doing. You can check it out, it's in my entry today.

Have a nice day!

Brown Baron said...

Now that's a cute belch I mean puppy. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

MJ said...

Thanks for dropping by, Raam! I'll hopover to your blog to check out your offer.

Sasha, your blog income can well support a puppy! :D It's the timeand attention that'smore demanding, actually. The commitment is like having a baby to care for.

Hmm, I like your meme. I'll join but perhaps not this Sunday yet. I still owe One Wacky Mom a meme.

Thanks, Brown Baron. Actually,I've been offline the whole week because our daughter has been having post-birthday blues. She suddenly missed the presence of my parents who recently passed away. It was her first birthday without both of them and she has been used to having them nearby all her life.

Rad said...

My mom used to be a romance author too...we still have copies of her published novels. Do you use to write for lorimar (?) I'm not sure if that's the name of the publishing company. :)

joanna said...

hello.. i stumbled upon your blog accidentally.. the puppies are so cute.. they are really adorable.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

How cute, little belch! What cuties!

MJ said...

Rad, who's your mom? I may know her. I was writing for Valentine Romances, though, for most of my books until they closed shop.

Joanna and Barrett, thanks for dropping by. We're crazy over our dogs, too :D

Annamanila said...

Aaah dogs, whether big or small or hairy or bald, or pure breed, hi breed or mongrel -- they're among the sweetest things on earth. My children taught me how to love dogs .. and cats too.

MrsPartyGirl said...

oohhh i miss my doggies tuloy :(

i have a pack of them at home. and when i say pack, i mean, pack! i have 6 shitzus, 4 poodles, 4 mini pinchers, and 4 mongrels. they're all in pinas and in the care of my aunt. i miss them all!

maybe when i go home, we can have a puppy party hehe :D

MJ said...

AnnaManila, I had a kitten when I was in college. I'd love to have cats now but the kids are allergic. We can't resist feeding stray cats when they become "regular visitors" though :D

MrsPartyGirl, I can imagine how much you're missing them! I'm sure theymiss you, too. If we weren't constrained by space limitations, I think my youngest daughter will eventually have a pack as well, along with a menagerie of other animals, haha!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to C3!

Belch is such a cute dog and would surely make a wonderful furry friend. Such a sweet gift.

Gracie said...

ur puppies are adorable..:)

MJ said...

Thank you Rachel and Gracie! Belch is a handful - very much like having a toddler in the family again. But we love having him!

indoor dogs said...

I miss puppies. Need to get some more dogs :-)

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