Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Our Youngest Daughter

As I promised in my post on My 5 Goals, I intend to spend more quality time with the family. I've been doing that lately.

Allow me my bragging rights as a Mom as I write about my youngest daughter, C3. She's the one who has watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic and mixed media paintings up at Paintings of a 10-Year-Old.

She began painting by herself, using ordinary crayons and watercolor. When we noticed that it was something that really engrossed her for several hours each day, we gave her access to my collection of art books and bought her a variety of media - acrylic paint, professional watercolors, oil pastel, watercolor paper, paper for acrylic paint, some small mounted canvasses - to do with as she pleased. The results amazed us.

Two summers ago, we enrolled her at painter Fernando Sena's summer art workshop. She has been going regularly since then and has finished all levels. He has invited her to keep going to his classes to continue her development.

We have not been able to upload all of her paintings at her blog, though. We need to scan those that are on paper and photograph those that are on canvas.

Lately, she has been focused on her academics. She transferred to the home study program last year after severe muscle pain and weakness caused her to be absent from the second week of school in June to the last week of September. We had a complete medical workup but the doctors couldn't find anything. Based on what I myself have been going through, we believe she has inherited my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. We have since then been trying some natural therapies. Despite this, she finished her 5th grade in the remaining six months of last school year.

This school year, after only going to school for 5 days (they go to take tests after doing modules at home) she has already cleared sixth grade Science and is just awaiting the results of Filipino for which she has also taken her finals already.

Her Kuya (elder brother) teases her for being OC (obsessive-compulsive) with her studies just like her Ate (elder sister). C3 also takes after him, though. Our only son wants to become a chef and - like all of us - loves food. Yesterday, as the three of us were left at home and they were doing their modules (Kuya is in home study, too, but is in his last year in high school), we took a break with the Lifestyle Network on TV . The Barefoot Contessa! We love mediterranean food and it was like torture seeing all that in gorgeous color. We could almost smell and taste it. After a while, C3 stood up. When she returned, she already had a bowl of fresh tomatoes sliced and marinated in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dried basil, salt and pepper! She was pouting a little because there were no olives left in the fridge. She then promptly texted her Dad: "Emergency! Please buy olives!" Of course he arrived home later with a big jar for the little princess.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

A wish: "What ManilaMom can do best on paper, C3 can do better on canvas!" I eagerly await to see her works at her site and the day that C3 will finally have an exhibit, informal or not! I will certainly attend it!

Our kids are our real treasures. You have a great family there, ManilaMom! And i kid you not!

MJ said...

That's my dream, too, AnitoKid! She actually has a lot of work already but only the ones on canvas are ready for an exhibit. The ones on paper are not framed and framing them would be costly. Besides, she doesn't want to sell! She loves each work and wants to keep every piece. It's really her passion. She says she wants to go into computer-based graphic arts for a living but her paintings are very personal to her.

Kids nowadays have souls that have depths deeper than ours, I think. It's really a privilege being their parents.

sasha said...

I saw her paintings and drawings, she has a great talent, manilamom! Your family is very artistic. Yeah, anitokid put it aptly. What you can do best on paper, your daughter can do better on canvas! Wow!

Please update us if she holds an exhibit. She's enrolled pala with Angelicum's home study program. Tell us naman po what are the pros and cons of this kind of program.

Happy Tuesday, manilamom! :)

MJ said...

Good to see you online despite your hiatus, Sashing!

I wrote a post about Angelicum College's home study system at Philippine Trip: Manila. I hope it helps give insight on the system.

SexyMom said...

for a 10 yr old, C3 is really gifted. what nice paintings!

am also happy to hear about successful home schooled kids--thanks to their good mom. i am sure it is not easy.

MJ said...

Thanks, Sexy Mom! Home study is actually easier for us because the kids are home most of the time. Less time on the road. The studying at home part also comes naturally since we also work from home. We all congregate around the dining table and turn it into a work/study table for most of the day. Then twice a week they get to be with their school friends.It's the best of both worlds for them.

claire said...

manilamom, let me just say that, your kid, C3 is indeed a talented girl.. i visited her site containing her paintings and i'm so impressed.. indeed, she deserves to have an exhibit.. your children are a talented bunch.. i admire you for raising them well.. :)

MrsPartyGirl said...

wow, she's really very talented! and based on the bright and vivid colors she uses on her paintings, she's also seems like a very happy kid. :) i think you have every right to be a bragging mom! go! :)

i am also considering homeschooling my daughter, what with our very nomadic lifestyle. would it be possible kaya to use angelicum's curriculum here in the US for my daughter? *wishful thinking*. kasi naman, i've always maintained that the curriculum in philippine schools are so much more advanced and challenging than the prevailing american system's. (though i don't know how we'll be able to go about the weekly reporting and testing bit, hehe.) oh to have the best of both worlds... anyway, i still have a year or two to decide before my daughter starts formal schooling, i hope i can make the right decision by then. :)

Dondi Tiples said...

What an inspiring post. It's wonderful to have such a talented child. Wish I could homeschool my kids, too. But we both have to work so it's impossible time-wise.
Please do let us know if she plans to upload her works online. The internet makes for a great canvass.

MJ said...

Thank you, Claire, MrsPartyGirl and Dondi!

Claire, sometimes I feel that they're also "raising" us in terms of providing us with opportunities to learn and grow with them.

MrsPartyGirl, we actually supplement the school modules with a lot of other reading materials. I think this family spends most on books and magazines than on anything else. We also encourage them to do research online. It's automatically supervised because our laptops are in the dining room cum study room. I think no curriculum is complete in itself so parents do have to encourage the love for learning so the kids will want to seek more info and knowledge on any subject matter.

The strength of the Angelicumhome study system, I think is the opportunity to socialize with all age groups twice a week. This is what'smissing from some homeschooling systems. So if you homeschool your daughter,make sure toprovide her with a venue for socialization with other kids, too :D

Dondi, yes, we are lucky that my husband and I are working from home and we do realize that having this opportunity is a blessing.

Some of my daughter's paintings are exhibited in her blog Paintings of a 10-Year-Old.

Annamanila said...

How could you say I am thoughtful and schmoozey when you are ten times more so? I can see why they gave you these awards?

Fibromyalgia. It sounds uncommon though I heard about it from another online friend. It is a disorder of the nerves? Did you blog about it? I hope you're fine in spite of it. Ah, i suppose lahat naman tayo may 'inaalagaan.' :) So take care, okay, you take care.

Home study program is interesting. I read about it first in Teacherjulie's blolg. So, moms supervise the learning process? I guess, from the baon and transpo alone, parents save a lot by enroling their kids to the program? Don't the kids lose something from the lack of interaction with other kids? Ay dami nang tanong ano? Eh just trying siguro to show you that schmoozey nga. :)

MJ said...

I do blog about fibro, Annamanila, at Relief from Chronic Headaches, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

About the home study program, Angelicum College has the perfect system because the kids go to school twice a week for tests and are able to socialize then.

You're always welcome to schmooze here :D

Heart of Rachel said...

You have an amazing and gifted child. Her paintings are beautiful. It's great that you support her passion for art.

MJ said...

Thank you very much, Rachel. We do support all the interests of our children. We believe that their passions reflect their life missions in some way. They have been blessed with certain talents for a reason.

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