Saturday, July 21, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Schmooze Is Not A Sleazy Word

I always thought that "schmooze" was a sleazy word. Well, blogger Mike, creator of the Power of Schmooze Award, says the dictionary defines schmooze as "the ability to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” He adds: "When it comes to blogging, schmoozing is your ticket to making new friends, getting yourself noticed and building a reputation. "

I think I'd rather skip that "in order to gain an advantage" part, thank you. Otherwise, yes, schmoozing does seem to be the way to go to gain blog friends and create a blog network to interact with.

Mike and friend, Danielle, created the "Power of Schmooze Award" to "recognize those people that were exceptionally adept at creating relationships with other bloggers by making an effort to be part of a conversation, as opposed to a monologue...These bloggers have all worked hard to build a reputation for themselves by commenting on other blogs, participating in blogging communities, replying to comments left on their blog and overall just doing their part to interact with other bloggers."

Ah, that's more like it. All above board and wholesome. That's an award I would be proud to receive.

And I did! Thanks to AnitoKid. (Belated happy birthday to his talented daughter, Agi!) He's a master of the art, I tell you.

Our blogs thrive on blog friendships and being part of a blog community. It definitely pays to learn how to schmooze.

And so I give the Power of Schmooze Award to:

Manilenya: Is there a Pinoy/Pinay blogger who doesn't know her?

Culture Shiok: Being in the upper rungs of the Top10 Emerging Influential Blogs speaks for itself, plus try counting the number of rice bowls he has received in his blog

The Talking Fingers on the Web: Des has just moved to Kuwait and still doesn't have an internet connection at home, so her schmoozing is currently lying low. Before this, however, she has had a thriving and growing community of visitors and visits blog friends, too, regularly. Just wait till she gets her connection and she'll be back with a vengeance!

AnnaManila: Yes, I have just awarded her the Thoughtful Blogger Award, but I just have to give this to her, too. This lady blogger is irresistible. I just keep going back to her blog not only to read her posts but her replies to comments, as well.

Silkenhut: He's learning the art of schmoozing pretty fast and this blogger will soon be zooming up the blogosphere.

On another note, I would like to thank Claire of A Timeless Life for nominating me to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. I am far from the magic 10 but the mere fact of being nominated really warms my heart. Thank you again, Claire, and also to Gibo and AnitoKid for the nominations.


des said...

hi maia!

thanks for this award..yeah, i could hardly update my blog..

at pinayexpat blog, i was able to update it regularly dahil nakikiride on ako doon sa open access na wifi sa bahay..pero yesterday, nakatunog ata yung may-ari na may nagkoconnect sa kanya kaya ginawa nyang security-enabled na..hehehe. so di na ako makakaupdate regularly. pero sikapin ko pa rin..kasi andami kong gustong ikwento.

i still blog at fingertalks..but not about living in kwait.

missed bloghopping to my online friends like you and others..i hope to have an Internet connection at home at the soonest..ang soonest ay 1 month pa because of the civil ID..yay!

till here. regards to u and ur family.

Annamanila said...

I am dense, ManilaMom. When you told me you were giving me an award for being thoughtful, I actually thought you said that in a manner of speaking. I didn't know there's an actual badge for this.

And now you are giving me another .. a schmooze award?

I guess good things do not come singly but in two's.

Would you believe I don't know how to pick up badges? So how could I pass them on? hahaha Shall I just cut and paste? Ay naku, you won't believe how next to illiterate I am.

Manilamom, I have heard much about you. I know you're a famous writer. Maia Jose! You are one of several I wanted to add into my blogging network but couldn't because I thought my blogroll couldn't stand anymore growing lest my network selfdestruct. If you know what I mean.

Ay naku what I am trying to say is I will add you ... bahala na. lol.

Ty, ty.

Annamanila said...

I am not only dense i am also old and forgetful pa. You're already in my blog roll. Ayan that goes to show talaga dami na .. hindi na mabigyan ng attention that each one deserves. :(

Jaypee said...

Congratulations to all the winners of the Schmooze award! :)

Btw, this is the first time for me to come across the word Schmooze. I added one new word to my vocabulary. Hehe

Culture Shiok! said...

So I guess I'm SCHMOOZING....

I did get a lot of new friends through blogging.

Thank you for sharing the power of Schmooze!

Reyn said...

*blog hop*

I have met quite a few blogger who can schmooze throughout my online existence. Congrats to all the winners of your award :D

Pretty interesting blog by the way.. will come back soon.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Very nice choices, ManilaMom! Thank you for the greet (Agi) :)

MJ said...

Des: When you get homesick you know we're all here for you. Take care.

Annamanila: You're also in my Great Links pages. To get a badge, just right click on it and save as jpeg on your desktop. Then you can upload it in your post just like any pic.

Jaypee: New words seem to crop up every day, especially online :D

Culture Shiok: You've been schmoozing all along even before the schmooze awards were even thought up :D

Reyn: Thanks for dropping by. Will hop over to your blog, too :D

AnitoKid: Agi and Chinkay share the same birth month. Our youngest turns 11 on the 28th.

melai said...

naks naman miss maia... dami pong pinoy/pinay blogger na hindi ako kilala plamis :)

thanks a lot...hehehehhe actually i didn't realize that I am a real chikadora.. not until i learned how to blog :)

take care always .. kaw ang real chikadora no.. I just had a chitchat with another pinay caregiver here at kilalang kilala nya yung mga character ng mga romance novel mo ... sabi ko sa kanya close tayo as in super duper close the the max lol!!! as if it's true :)

MJ said...

Melai, aba honored akong masabi na super duper close to the max tayo! Miss ko na nga ang mga chika mo.

Pakisabi rin sa friend mo na thrilled ako na binabasa niya ang novels ko. At chikadora wannabe rin ako :D Ikaw yung orig, e!

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