Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Puppy Love Episode 2: The Soap Opera Continues

We had a surprise visit this morning. A dirty white street dog came whining at our gate. I was carrying Li'l Fart in my arms and he struggled to get down while answering her cries. I put him down and he scooted out from under the gate and immediately began suckling even as the white dog was still standing. She's his mother!

Oh, she looks very photogenic but she's obviously a stray - dirt-streaked and with some sores. She would clean up very well, though, and she has a gentle look. If Li'l Fart grows up looking like a black version of his mother, he'll be a handsome dog.

The mother dog seems very much at home on the street, even settling down right in the middle of the road to nurse. B and I had to stand guard to redirect any oncoming traffic. She seemed bothered by our presence and moved to the side of the car. We continued to stand guard, though, because they could still be sideswiped.

After the pup had his fill, the mother dog only stayed a few more minutes then casually loitered off. We waited for her to come back but she seemed oblivious of the young one she had left behind. He was left to fend for himself on the street.

Of course, we took him into the house again. Another round of cleaning up with a moist washcloth plus checking for fleas that could have transferred from his mom. He then fell blissfully asleep.

We decided that it would be safer to keep him in the house and just give the mom visiting rights for breastfeeding. After all, we are breastfeeding advocates :D.

Here's another complication: my cousin texted us saying they couldn't take him after all because someone else will be giving them a labrador pup by next month.

Now we need to find another home for Li'l Fart. But we couldn't do it immediately because we'd like to maximize the possibility of extending his breasfeeding sessions with his mother. This will mean more emotional investment on our part and a more difficult separation later.

Now I understand why some people would rather harden their hearts for self defense. Being so open to loving can be quite painful.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for sharing this, ManilaMom! Reminded me of my first dog, DogieMan. Brought back a lot of good memories. And I kid you not!

SexyMom said...

i hope baby fart gets a foster parent very soon.

Mec said...

and then again, being able to feel pain means that you are able to love... which is actually really good because, then, you are also really able to live...

i'm praying that the mom will exercise her breastfeeding rights for Li'l Fart... and that there'd be a good home waiting for him (?) someday soon...

Annamanila said...

Sometimes, something comes out of the blue and falls on your lap. It comes for a reason (a temporary home) and a season (until it is viable and cn be given away).

If we didn't have 4 big dogs of our own, I'd ask you where you live and pick that adorable ball of fur up.

If li'l fart were a kitten instea of a pup, I'd do it for my children are hankering for one.

Please please screen the person or family you'd eventually hand the pup to. There are so many people around who do not know how to take care of pets and aren't aware of it.

Serious ano?

Heart of Rachel said...

It's amazing how the mother of the puppy came by as if to check how Li'l Fart is doing.

Sorry that your cousin changed his mind about taking him in. Hope you can find a good home for him elsewhere.

MJ said...

AnitoKid, they say all dogs go to heaven.

Sexy Mom, Mec and Annamanila, we'll make sure that Li'l Fart goes to a loving family by turning him over to PAWS. They take very good care of abandoned animals, giving them all necessary vet needs and then screening all prospective adopters.

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