Thursday, July 05, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Manila Mom, an A-List Blogger According to

I'm still in the midst of my fibromyalgia-CFS episode and I'm feeling so bad and down in the dumps, plus I have brain fog. Having said that, I now plead a case of temporary insanity in claiming this A-List Blogger badge from

Aha! I know, a lot of bloggers out there will be sneering. Who am I to claim to be an A-List blogger? I've only been here a few months, I don't have that much traffic to show for it and - horrors! - I join those shady link trains!

I actually got to know of Kineda's widget from AnitoKid and, boy, did he get insulted for it. Well, bro, I think the widget's too cute to pass up so I'm joining the risk wagon, too :D

If anyone cares to know before passing judgment,'s "Bloglebrity" categorization is based on Technorati stats. You key in your url and they get your stats from Technorati. If you have at least 500 blogs linking to you within the past six months, you're an A-List blogger!

I used my url to get the A-List badge, though. I have only very recently acquired and, unfortunately, Technorati does not recognize the redirect even if it's exactly the same blog also hosted by Blogger. Technorati still tracks and has a different tracking for which, of course, has lower stats.

For total transparency, I have indicated this detail beside my Technorati and Kineda widgets in the sidebar. I can already imagine someone typing in my url in both sites and then gleefully saying, "She's lying! She doesn't qualify!" Oh please.

These stats and badges and lists are just picker-uppers that help brighten a blogger's days. Please let's not take them too seriously and not stress on them. Let's keep blogging fun and friendly.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

I love the sneer thing and "I can already imagine - and gleefully saying" lines ManilaMom! Had a good laugh with it!

E bakit ba?'s rule focuses only on the number of links garnered in a given time frame - no more, no less. Thus, there isn't supposed to be any issue.

And you're right - the stats and badges and lists are just that - picker-uppers. And with regards to this particular badge, i kinda like it! In fact, I love it! And it's pink! My daughter's favorite color!

Know what mom? i love having fun. Writing about it. Feeling good about it. And if those are crimes - I plead GUILTY!

As always, I enjoy reading your posts! Simply put, I love them!

Dondi Tiples said...

Oh, I hear you. We all need a lot of pick-me-uppers to brighten our day. Besides, you know who you are, and if you are A-List on your list, I'm not about to argue. You go, mom!

Btw, using math notebooks to sketch floor plans is a great idea. Wish I thought of it myself.

MJ said...

AnitoKid, as long as blogging is still fun, I'm in. So I'll keep on working at keeping the fun part :D

Dondi, right on! About the math notebooks, they'll come in handy when you start trying out furniture layouts for your rooms.

Snoskred said...

Hi, I'm reading you via the No Nofollow | I Follow | DoFollow Community at Bumpzee, on the RSS feed.

Congratulations! ;) I agree with you about keeping blogging fun and friendly.

Looking forward to reading more from you. :)


MJ said...

Wow, it's good to hear from a reader from over there, snoskred. I'll definitely follow you back to your blog, too :D

Annamanila said...

I vaguely understand what's going on. This link train .. i know someone i like very much who also got himself linked and the only reason i didn't follow suit is because i do not really understand the fuss. Ignorance is B-L-I-S-S!

Anyway, from the little that I have seen so far, this is a good site to come back to again and again and again. So if A is for again then you definitely qualify. And yes, girl, you seem to rock. I do too LOL

MJ said...

Oh yes, you definitely rock, Annamanila! And I also visit your blog again and again and again :D

sasha said...

Yes, these are just pick-uppers. What matters most is that we enjoy blogging and we spew out decent posts :)

I do hope you'd be ok soon, manila mom. Got the bug, been sick for days now. And too lazy to bloghop.

Happy Friday! :)

MJ said...

Same here, Sasha. But I've been doing the reverse - more bloghopping and reading than writing. Have also been too lazy to comment on the blogs I read most of the time. Will definitely make up for it later.

Hope we'll both feel better soon :)

SF Blog said...

Hi mm (short fo manila mom),

Kudos for the success of your blogging career. It's nice of you to be recognized for such great work.

How I wish I can have more time like you!

Anyways, just let me know i fI can help incase you need me to add widgett for you in manila mom's veranda.

Good Job and Keep it Up.

C U in the other pages of

~ sftopics ~

MJ said...

Thanks so much, Sandy! You're the perfect host for my Veranda. Don't worry, it's fast gaining links, too, and hopefully we can soon put up a similar widget there.

I'll be dropping by pinoynetwork today! See you!

Silkenhut said...

hey congrats on being an alist blogger.. I'm just a D-list for now.. haha ^_^ 500 links wow!

keep it up! Goodluck and Godbless =)

Brown Baron said...

500 links in 180 days? That is pretty good MJ. Of course, that's not surprising since I know that you're a great blogger. Have a great day!

MJ said...

Thanks, SilkenHut and Brown Baron!

Actually it's just a little more than half of 180 days since I just started this blog end of March.

Most of the links I owe to going DoFollow and to joining some trains, especially ViralTags. Now that I have enough numbers and a large network to interact with, I think I'll rest from the trains a while so I can focus on establishing real blog relationships with these links.

amgine said...

wow congratulations. =)

off topic: im sorry im too lazy to update my blog. i know u did tag me. can u let me know what date was that post when u tagged me so i can be a good blogger and do my assignment? hehe thanks and have a great week ahead.

MJ said...

No problem, Amgine. I know how it is when you're just waiting for that very special day to finally have your baby in your arms. Just relax and don't stress yourself.

The tag was last June 16 for the "In the Spotlight" meme.Just doit whenever it's convenient for you. No hurry!

Emmyrose said...

Likewise, I enjoy reading your post and no badge can compare to what you really feel about blogging :)

MJ said...

The fun in blogging is writing what you feel like writing, having other bloggers appreciate it and then reading and appreciating what they have written,too. So as long as we have blog friends to exchange visits and conversations with, we're happy :D

Happy to have you as one of my blog friends, EmmyRose!

Trinity said...

As gamers like to say, "Gratz!" MJ! And you're on my A-List no matter what anyone else has to say so there. ;)

MJ said...

Thanks, Trinity! :D

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