Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You’ve Got Mail!

When we hear the word mailbox today, we immediately think of it as our email inbox. There was a time, though, when this only meant that quaint receptacle for letters and parcels on our front yards. I still love seeing those old fashioned mailboxes.

Of course, today, when you live in a condominium, for example, or a multi-storey apartment building, what you get are rows and rows of commercial mailboxes that are more like school lockers. Somehow they lack the romanticism of the old fashioned mailbox. But, hey, if the commercial mail boxes do the job well, accepting letters and parcels and keeping them safe until retrieved by the rightful recipients, I’m not complaining.

We may feel nostalgic about items of the past, but just as we have become used to email - even dependent on it – so have we embraced the evolution of the commercial mailbox. The important thing is that people still use mailboxes in various forms to connect with each other.

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