Friday, July 03, 2009

Who Wants Gold?

I just found a very interesting website that might be valuable to those who have funds to invest and are looking for a way to protect themselves against the current global crisis. The answer may be gold! Yes, that precious metal seems to have the capacity to weather all the financial troubles of the world and the best way to protect your money from losing its value seems to be to buy gold. According to this site, limited mint investor gold coins bought for $25,000.00 in the 70s are worth $1,377,257.00 today.

Well, who has that kind of money? Not me. It’s an interesting piece of information, though. And if you’re interested, you can actually buy gold bullion or buy gold coins by the piece. There are various coins to choose from but the lowest price is $969.70.

For those interested in using this to beef up their individual retirement account (IRA), the website also gives information and advice on gold IRA transfer. So who wants gold? Uh, I guess everyone does. The real question would be who can afford gold these days? If you can, good for you. Go get them.


Kettcar said...


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