Friday, July 10, 2009

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Site to As Many Web Directories As Possible

Most of the time, we only submit our sites to the largest web directories like the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory Project. We are then satisfied that we have done our part. There are numerous other directories online, though, such as, for example, Jasmine Directory and Max Directory. I bet you haven’t heard of those. You should. And you should search for others, as well, because having your sites listed in the proper category in as many directories as possible is a solid step toward good ranking in search engines. Even if your listing is given a no follow tag, it is still considered as an important backlink to your site.

Many directories are general and list a vast range of categories also classified by language and region. Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory Project mentioned earlier are among these. There are also niche categories that specialize in specific topics or sectors. There are, for instance, business directories and shopping directories. Make sure you are listed in the general directories and in the special directories for your site’s particular niche.

Most directories allow free submission and listing. Others require a reciprocal link bank to the directory from your site. You may also come across some that charge a fee for a listing. Premium positions within categories, as well as being listed in multiple categories, may be charged higher. Sometimes, such prime positions are given to the highest bidder. Affiliate links are also available, where you have to pay the directory a commission for every visitor referred to your site.

Submitting your site to web directories manually can be tedious. Human edited directories have stricter policies for categorization and may, therefore, have a longer queue.You just have to wait a while before your site listing goes up. These directories are more valued by SEO experts, though, so we better take the cue. Sometimes we just have to put in the effort.


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