Thursday, March 22, 2007

Earn Online While Working From Home

That's My Target

I created this blog last year. Before I could fully launch it, though, my dad's health deteriorated and he passed away in May. My Mom has since been very sick, too. It really was a very difficult year for the whole family.

Still, we had to go on. It was a great challenge to keep on writing but one has to earn a living. The fact that both my husband and I work from home was a tremendous help. We managed to care for my Dad and are still caring for my Mom while working on our freelance writing and editing projects. My husband also has a business to attend to.

I am committing myself anew to this blog in the hope that it could eventually turn into another income stream. I've been reading up on how a large number of blogs, including those of fellow Pinoys, have successfully profitted from monetizing what is also a very fulfilling medium for self-expression and social networking.

So far my experience has proven that one can indeed live on one's passion - mine is writing. I hope this venture will prove that right again, especially now that our eldest daughter is in college, our son is graduating from high school and our youngest daughter is about to enter her last year in elementary school. Income streams will be very welcome, indeed.

I feel I have found a comfortable niche writing about family life in Metro Manila while working from home on my freelance writing projects and exploring various ways to make money online.

I'm excited and enthusiastic again. Let's get this on!

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