Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Starting to Earn Online!

Today is my husband's birthday and this is part of my birthday package for him.

Yes! I started to see some earnings from my online activities yesterday, on my third blog post. Of course, I'm still talking cents here but, hey, it proves that problogging does work.

Now even my three kids want to learn from what I'm learning so they can set up their own blogs that they can monetize, too. Might as well earn from all that time they spend online, right? And they do have a headstart on networking with friendster and such.

I've been very productive work-wise yesterday, too.

I joined MyBlogLog and put it up on this blog. Yey! It not only looks good but it's also a terrific networking tool. I already "met" a number of people and joined a number of communities. I also began to build a community for this blog.

Do join MyBlogLog and join my blog's community. It's free and you won't be sorry for the exposure it will give your site. Just click on the link below this post.

Now I'm joining my family to celebrate :-)


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