Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Shih Tzu, Belch, Had a Reaction to His Booster Shot

We had a big scare yesterday. Our two year old shih tzu, Belch - the baby of the family - had his booster shot for 5-in-1 and deworming at 2 pm. Good thing I work from home and was here with him when he started acting weird at around 6 pm. First he vomited something milky. Then he started rubbing his face on the floor. I checked and saw that the area around both eyes were bright pink.

Almost in a panic, I called my husband and kids on the cellphone. Luckily they were already on their way home, and were just a few blocks away. They called the vet - which I didn't think of earlier - and she said to give him sugared water as an emergency measure, then bring him to her. Fortunately, again, she's just about two blocks away.

The vet gave Belch a shot of antihistamines and he immediately got better. Such a relief.

I read online that quite a lot of dogs get reactions from booster shots. Some even die from it.

Some online sources say that if the dog is kept away from other animals and just stays at home, perhaps vaccination can be waived as an adult. What do you think?


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