Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exploring Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

I joined Twitter two years ago but never really used it until now. My interest was fueled by an article I wrote on assignment for my freelance SEO writing. It reminded me of how powerful social media marketing can be.

I admit I have been remiss in my blogging and social networking efforts for some time now. I was busy working offline for more than a year. My blog posts were few and far between. Now that I'm working from home again, I intend to renew my efforts online. Learning how to maximize Twitter is one of those efforts.

I also joined Tweeple Pages to connect with more Twitter users. It's a free site where Twitter users are grouped by interests. It's fun to search for fellow writers, fellow romance novelists, fellow moms, etcetera.

Do you Twitter? If so, you'll find me there as ManilaMom or Maia Jose.


marhgil said...

welcome back online! still remember me? i'm in twitter too. you can check my post about it here. ;)

M said...

Of course, I do =D I'll check out your post, too.

Thanks for dropping by again!

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