Friday, June 26, 2009

All the NFL Games You Want on Your TV

Can you imagine having all the NFL games you want on your TV? Yes, I mean ALL – even those games not accessed by other channels. Do I hear the men cheering? Oh, not to be sexist, I do know women who love watching football, too. I myself am totally clueless about the game but I can imagine how fans of the sport will react to this news. With the nfl sunday ticket from DirectTV, what was once impossible is now possible.

That means you can watch the games in the east coast even while you’re on the west coast, and vice versa. Ah, and they say you can watch up to 14 games all in one Sunday, each and every Sunday. How can you do that? Save the others on the DVR, silly. Oh, but did I tell you that you can watch eight of those all at the same time? Yup, an eight-way split on your screen can show eight ongoing games.

For the nfl sunday ticket schedule and the nfl sunday ticket price, you’ll just have to check out the site.

This calls for some serious stocking up on chips and beer. You might as well call it couch potato Sunday.


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