Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Work at Home Mom: Social Networking at Yuwie

This is another fun and easy way to earn online from the Philippines and anywhere in the world. It's as much fun and as easy as joining Friendster, Multiply, MySpace, etcetera...except at Yuwie you get paid while having all that fun.

And how do you earn online at Yuwie? Simple. You get paid according to the number of page views you get, including your own visits to your own pages. You also get paid according to the page views received by everyone who joined through your invitation, up to ten levels.

If you have teens at home, I'm sure you know how much time they spend in social networking sites and how many sites they visit. Imagine if you have a Yuwie account and then invite your kids to join, and they invite their friends to join, and so on and so forth. You will be earning online as they stay longer at Yuwie having fun. Are you smiling now?

So put your smooching skills to good use. Try Yuwie. Earn global online.


Cecilia said...

Hi Maia!!! I've been a constant visitor sa blog mo and i joined yuwie through your blog. i am not a techy and i am new to all of this. I've just started my own blog and i am wondering how i can put a link about yuwie so that people are directed to a sign up page under my tree when they click a link in my blog? just like what happened when i clicked the link from you blog. :-)

MJ said...

Hi Cecilia!

Thanks for signing up under my referral.

You will see your own referral url in your yuwie control panel. Mine for example is

Copy your referral url. As you write your post in blogger, block off the word Yuwie every time it appears, click the link icon (the globe with the chainlink) and copy in the url. The word Yuwie then becomes a direct link to a yuwie joining page automatically under your referral.

I suggest you also add this as a postscript to your email. Gmail has an automatic feature where you can add such postscripts.

Here's hoping we all earn a lot together!!! :-D

Cecilia said...

Hi Maia! Finally i was able to add a referral link to my post! Thanks again!!! :-D

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