Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Work at Home Mom: Writers Can Earn Global Online from the Philippines With Constant Content

I found a new forum for writers to be able to earn online from the Philippines or anywhere with an internet connection. Make that anywhere else in the world. The site I'm referring to is Constant Content.

A writer can register at Constant Content and submit articles, reviews, tutorials or blog entries for sale on the site. There are submission guidelines to be followed concerning the quality, style and format of writing.

Each piece can be sold three ways: through Usage Purchase, Unique Purchase or Full Rights Purchase.

Usage Purchase allows the buyer to use the piece unchanged on only one website or magazine. The piece also it remains on the site for sale to other users.

Unique Purchase means the buyer has sole right to use the piece, but only for sites or magazines that heor she owns. The buyer does not have the right to resell the piece, change it nor claim authorship for it.

Full Rights Purchase makes the piece the property of the buyer. He or she has the right to claim authorship for it, resell it, change it and publish it anywhere.

The writer sets the price for each Usage level for each piece. Once sold, the writer is credited with 65% of that price.

Writers are paid after a 30 day holding period to ensure clearance of payments. That is, provided the writer has a minimum of $50.oo credited to his or her account.

I have registered but still have to start submitting articles. I'll post updates on this venture. Better still, why don't you give Constant Content a try, too?


Chuck said...

I favorited you in Technorati. Can you help me out and favorite me back. Thanks.

MJ said...

Done, Chuck! Thanks!

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

this is another way bloggers can earn another extra money. With all this opportunities, there is space for poverty. One just have to be creative and resourceful. I checked the site of the constant content and it is really cool. an article is priced already just like to described it.

niharika said...

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Jenna said...

Great information provided in this post. I'm looking forward to taking a deeper look into this.

Perfect health said...

I like this blog:)

erica said...

A lot of us need extra income,I agree with you bluepanjeet,one needs to be creative and resourceful in order to make it.

caryn said...

hey! this is a cool idea! i'll check out the site you recommended right away. thanks!

Restaurant said...

This instructions are really helpful for do follow used in blog, website.

wicked weasel said...

Very great idea, Now I know where some of those posters get such great content from.


Dondi Tiples said...

Hi Manila Mom! I've been to Constant Content before but never got the gumption to try it. I make a part-time living as a freelance outsource writer, and I'm still unsure about Constant Content. You'll let me know how your experience with them goes, yes?

God bless!

MJ said...

Hi Dondi! I'm afraid I've been busy with other projects and haven't really updated my Constant Content account. I made a test submission in March - a short blah article on how to choose a backgammon board to buy. It was really from data I used for another site, but of course rewritten in an entirely original article. It hasn't sold yet but I'm not surprised.

Other writers who really put in an effort have reportedly been earning good from the site, though. You can browse through their forum and even scan the number of articles submitted by their top sellers.

This time I'm the one asking any of you to please relay feedback about your experience with Constant Content.

Thanks! :-D

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