Friday, August 10, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Thrilled With Our Eldest Daughter's First Professional Byline

Please indulge this Mom as I once more rave about one of my kids. The August issue of Girlfriend magazine (Philippines) carries an article written by our eldest daughter, The CityLifeStylist. The article is on dealing with the situation when the woman earns more than her man.

I was so excited upon seeing C1's very first byline in a professional magazine. You see, she's just 18 and is still in her third year in Communication Arts and Advertising.

Girlfriend mag has also assigned her to write the cover story for the October issue. Aside from that, a new magazine to be published by Manila Bulletin and called Sugar Sugar has also asked her to write for them.

In addition to writing for print, she has also been asked to write for a new TV program for and by students to be launched by Studio 23.

Multitasking to the max seems to be this young lady's preferred lifestyle. She's also in the dean's list and is a student leader. She's co-head of their radio organization in charge of the in-school radio station broadcasting regular programs to students, and is internal vice president of their Communication Arts and Advertising Society.

Communication has always been her passion. She wrote her first poem at age three. It goes:

Cat I see
Here or there
Happy the cat
There or here

At age six, she wrote:

Life is good
Life is bad
Life is everything

Her younger brother, C2, is two-and-a-half years younger. When C1 was in preschool she taught him to read, write and count. We did not have to teach him any of those. C1 did so well as a teacher that when he was enrolled in preschool he was found to be far advanced for his age in reading skills. He was, therefore, given reading materials already meant for graders.

We think C1 is an old soul sent to be our teacher. We think all three of our kids are old souls sent to be our gurus even as we are tasked to take care of them.

I am awed by my children's gifts and the blessings they are receiving. I am thrilled to see them happily blossoming as they are enjoying the continuous development of their potentials. B and I have really been blessed with these wonderful kids.


Annamanila said...

I was thrilled to by your daughter's young poetry. The promise was there ... that early. Hmmm writing does runs in genes ha.

And we got braggiing rights over their achievements. Take it from this ole braggart of a mom.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Indeed, our children are our real treasures, ManilaMom! Congratulations to C1! Wow! So many requests from some of the country's top mags at such a young age!

I can only just imagine the happiness and joy you are currently experiencing right now, my friend. After all that is said and done, what matters at the end of the day is our children - with us secretly wishing...hoping...that someday, our children will surpass whatever we have achieved in our lifetime a hundredfold.

Congratulations to you and ManilaDad for raising such wonderful and talented kids! All the best!

MrsPartyGirl said...

congratulations!! you definitely have bragging rights when it comes to your daughter (and children, for that matter). c1 is so smart and its not surprising to see her successfully follow in her talented writer mom's footsteps. :)

MJ said...

AnnaManila, yes, it seems that on my mom's side of the family, most are into arts and letters. Add to that my husband's having a passion for writing, too. And, yes, I just can't resist using those bragging rights :D

AnitoKid, I'm sure my kids will far surpass anything I have achieved, and that they be even happier and more fulfilled.

MrsPartyGirl, her Dad has actually been my mentor in writing since way back in college. He's an even more meticulous editor than I am. So I can't hog the credit :D

febeth said...

Your daughter seems to be an expert in fashion.She will definitely go places

SexyMom said...

my conclusion? like mother like daughter. you're so blessed with having such a talented daughter.

when i hear such stories, i am mighty proud, like if i will see her printed work, i will tell my friends--kilala ko mom nyan, friend ko mom nyan.

thanks for sharing with us a part of your life--an inspiration to others.

MJ said...

Febeth, she has been a natural "fashionista" even as a little girl. She can put together any outfit and make it chic, even if the pieces come cheaply from the tiyangge/bargain bazaars. She just gets to enjoy most of the expensive designer pieces vicariously through her blog :D

SexyMom, yes, we moms are really like that 'no? Our hearts swell even for our friends' children's accomplishments. I guess we all share the exhilirating feeling of seeing the outcome of nurturing. I feel the same when I read your sons' blogs :D

Jake The Miserable said...

She really is one great person. I really haven't known her personally but from what I could tell from our past conversations, I believe she is the femme version of the famous "jack-of-all-trades." She writes well. She's a multi-talented person. She's also a good conversationalist and I really miss talking to her.

In my mother's name, I wish the best regards to your great daughter and to your whole family.

MJ said...

Thank you, Jake. She has been less active online with all her other commitments vying for her time and attention.

I'm sure your Mom is proud of your being in the 10 Most Influential Blogs, too.

febeth said...

They wouldnt be successful if u didnt encourage congrats to u too

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Almost Vegetarian said...

Oh that's wonderful. I remember getting my first byline and I remember when my husband got his. So thrilling. It will vie with cashing that first check for excitement!


Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to your daughter's wonderful achievement. Hope it will open more doors of opportunity for her.

One Wacky Mom said...

How fabulous! Congratulations!!! That's fabulous for your daughter.
I tagged you in this really cool meme:

You can check it out...but one of your names came up:
Viscountess Manila Mom the Abstemious of Molton St Anywhere!! It's the Peculiar Aristocratic Title!

Clebsch Gordan said...

Children are indeed the purest at heart.there cannot be a more happy moment han being in company of your children.

J@n!ce said...

I am impressed by your gal's writing skills at age 3. My eler boy is also the same age.. in fact turning 4. I don't think he can write that :)

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MJ said...

Febeth, we're relishing the bragging rights in return :D

Mike, thanks for the interview invitation. I'll get to it soon :D

Almost Vegetarian, yes, isn't that first byline just so exhilirating? For me, though, every byline is still exciting up to now :D

Rachel, we hope so, too. She's already building up her portfolio :D

Wacky Mom, I'm hopelessly behind! Will check this out asap! Thanks so much! :D

Clebsch, I agree. My kids are my greatest joy!

Janice, my two other kids didn't either. Each kid has his or her own gifts, though - we just have to wait for them to unwrap their own gifts :D

claire said...

you really got talented kids! congrats to C1 and to you too .. i'm definitely impressed...

MJ said...

Thank you very much, Claire! My husband and I are very grateful to have been made parents of these wonderful kids.

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