Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work at Home Mom: Speaking at the 28th Manila International Book Fair

A welcome break from my blues was the invitation I received from Read or Die to be a speaker in their panel on Ang Bagong Panitikan (New and Emergent Literatures) at the Manila International Book Fair Function Room B on September 2 at 2:15 pm. I will be discussing Filipino romance novels. (Oh, the Book Fair is ongoing at the World Trade Center at Roxas Blvd.)

What excites me most are the panelists I will be conversing with: Eugene Evasco on Filipino children's literature, Carla M. Pacis on Filipino young adult fiction, Winton Lou Ynion on Filipino literature in the vernacular, Randy Valiente on komiks, and Glady E. Gimena - a very good friend of mine - also on Filipino romance novels. Check out their profiles. I am really looking forward to a very interesting exchange of ideas.

Everyone is invited to come converse with us. The organizers say it will not be a structured series of talks but an open discussion with the audience. It should be fun.

Also check out Read or Die. According to their emailed invitation, they are "a group of book lovers and readers whose goal is to help invigorate book reading culture in the Philippines through monthly discussions, sponsored talks on reading and literature, establishing social networks with other like-minded organizations, and the advocacy of programs specifically aimed towards promoting literacy and maintaining a high profile for reading for purpose and for pleasure." They "encourage public interest in and and appreciation for different kinds of literature, especially writing produced by Filipino authors." Whether you be an avid reader, a writer, an illustrator/graphics designer or a publisher, this group and their site should be a treasure trove.

Read or Die even put up a special website for Ang Bagong Libro - covering their participation (which is extensive and impressive) in the 28th Manila International Book Fair. My panel is only one of several they are organizing, and I am definitely very much interested in participating in the other discussions, as well, as part of the audience. Check out the topics, panelists and skeds on their site.


Deden Amijaya said...

Hi.. have a nice weekend ahead..

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Wow! Congratulations, ManilaMom! I was just there this afternoon with my kids! I promised a book for each one of them (of their own choosing) for their good grades and all.

I have some important work concerns tomorrow, but I'll try my very best to drop by, Mom!

And good luck, my friend. All the best! Break a leg ha!

Mec said...

congrats on the speaking engagement... i'd have loved to hear it, and to have gone to the Book Fair... but our schedules just really don't permit such anymore...

congrats too on your daughter's article... and it's great reading about Belch :) am sure, your kids love you more for smelling like a puppy... wehehehe

Emmyrose said...

Oh my, I was at the book fair how did I miss you.. If I had read your blog earlier I would have looked for you. Great fair and great books, its like a field day for me.

Btw, I added you in my linky love chain. :)

Karl said...


I posted a link to your blog on my blog virus page you are participating in. Please link back and post a comment on my blog :)


sasha said...

Ay sayang! I didn't know about this. Wish I was able to go.

Kumusta na, manilamom? Sorry been too busy and connection's so slow I hardly blog hop these days.

Take care po lagi and happy Sunday! :)

MJ said...

Thanks for dropping by, Deden.

AnitoKid, perhaps we'll meet at some other blogger function :D

Mec, we all smell like Belch these days, hehe! Everyone just loves to cuddle him.

Emmyrose, we, too, will surely meet some time in some blogger event. Same with you, Sasha! I can't wait to meet all my blogger friends.

Karl,I'll see to this asap.

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