Saturday, August 25, 2007

Checking In

I can't believe it's been 15 days since my last post! Things have been quite draining at home and I'm just tired out with no energy left to write anything. Even my email has been left unattended. So sorry, everyone.

Our landlord had to have our apartment unit treated for termite control. For our family and pets' health, we moved to the empty unit next door for several days. This unit just happens to be the one my Mom used to occupy. It's the same unit I didn't have the heart to empty after she passed away last May. My husband, B, had to do the packing. Until now, I still haven't sorted through her things which we temporarily parked at my parents-in-law's place. And then we had to move into her apartment.

True, the landlord has since had it repainted a different color and that helps a little. Still, I find myself quite numb and disoriented. Perhaps it's my psyche applying some self-anaesthesia against pain? It's not just me, either. Our youngest, C3, also cried her heart out on our first night here, and I'm sure everyone in the family has a heavy heart despite the cheering up they try to do for me.

There was nowhere else to go. The moving was tedious enough even just next door - what with all the must-haves of daily life for a family of five with 3 kids in school and 7 pets! And we just brought the essentials. Everything else was just covered with old curtains and old sheets.

And then our apartment unit's second floor boards were found to be in need of repair. So repairs are being made and we had to extend our refugee status.

The only productive thing I'm doing - and my life-and-sanity-saver - is taking care of Belch. It's like taking care of a toddler. When my kids were babies I smelled of baby barf all the time. Now I smell like a puppy all the time!

4 comments: said...

Hi ManilaMom. Stay cool and hope you'll feel better soon.

shazad said...

You seem to be handling alot on the internet side of thngs aswell well done for keeping it up

Almost Vegetarian said...

What a nightmare. I am also dealing with a landlord problem, so my heart goes out to you, at least on that count. It gets better. Truly.


MJ said...

Thank you, Janette, Shazad and Almost Vegetarian.

Actually,our landlord is very nice and accommodating. He's out of the country most of the time so he had to squeeze in the termite treatment and repairs while he was in town. It was more of the emotional issues of staying in my recently departed mom's apartment that got to us, but it was something unavoidable. We're back in our own unit now, though.

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