Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trying to Earn Global Online from the Philippines: A Month From Startup, We Are PR2 Here and PR5 at MyBlogLog

I was ecstatic when I saw that Manila Mom was given a PR2 after just about a month from its startup. And then I hopped over at Cafe Romanza and saw that it had a PR3! Now I know that the message from above is that I am on the right track here.

Imagine how shocked I was when Garry Conn pointed out to me that my Manila Mom page at MyBlogLog has a PR5. I didn't even realize that I could take some credit for it. I thought that PR belonged to MBL.

Garry Conn went further to write a post on how to make money with MyBlogLog.

He has also helped me assess my blogging plan and refine it with his post on how to make $100 a month in Adsense, or even more, per blog. It's the most concise and on-target advice I've read so far.

I'm on fire here, folks. Truly, angels abound in the blogosphere, kindly sharing and pointing us in the right direction. As long as we're open to new lessons and are willing to go forward, we will always be found by them :-)

On with the journey...

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Gibo said...

hi. congratulations on your upgraded pr. got a bit of an upgrade too. pr1 for pinoyseminars.blogspot.com, pr2 for quickandrandom.blogspot.com, pr3 for my mybloglog home page and pr2 on mybloglog page for quick & random. as for the mybloglog page for pinoy seminars, i see some green on the pr indicator (probably pr3) but the pr checkers say its 0. i wonder why. :)

Maia Jose said...

Congratulations to you, too. I'm very much puzzled myself because all my promoting has been for Manila Mom and then Cafe Romanza got a higher PR. Well, even the very experienced bloggers say they can't really figure it out themselves.

roland said...

you have good PR manila mom, as in public relations, i like your blog a lot!

...google seems to have updated its database. i got a pr2 for askpinoyarki, a pr1 for my firm, and a pr4 for mybloglog... cheers to us! ;)

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

Thanks, Roland, and congratulations to you, too. Your MyBlogLog rank also shows that you have good public relations yourself :)

I see a lot of goodwill floating around the blogosphere and it's very exhilirating! I guess that's why we're all inspired.

Anonymous said...

I'm having so much more trouble with PR this time around, My 3 stayed a 3 and one of my zeros went to three, but my new blog should have been old enough to gain PR and didn't.

So, my friend, congratulations on your gains! That's so amazing.


Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

From zero to three is great Angie. Congratulations, too. The two others will hopefully catch up next time. Our consolation is that even the big guns can't really explain the rankings. We can just do the best we can in our blogs :)

maiylah said...

no idea at first what those pr#'s meant until i started to think about getting my blog monetized and doing something about it (which was just around two days ago, hahaha).
still groping around ... and learning lots, specially from your posts. many thanks! :)

Maia Jose, Manila Mom said...

You have great blogs, Maiylah, so I'm sure you'll meet your goals very soon! :)

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