Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Desi Baba: Another Blog on Working at Home and Making Money Online

This blog review is long overdue.

Before I went on hiatus, and after my review on John Chow Dot Com came out, blogger Sunny aka Desi Baba left me a comment offering a link from his PR4 site in exchange for a review of his blog. He said the review could be negative, neutral or positive, as long as it is at least 200 words long and contains the anchor texts "desi baba" or "work at home" as links back.

Of course, I first checked out his blog before committing to a review. I didn't need a second look before deciding, though., or Desi Baba - Random Ramblings of Desi Baba, is indeed worth a visit.

According to Desi, his blog is about 11 months old but he only started becoming serious about it nine months ago. Considering this, his blog's page rank is quite a feat.

The blog content has a wide variety of subjects. He covers blogging, working from home and making money from online businesses, including tips on optimizing keywords and getting a first page slot on Google search. He also has posts on academics, politics, technology and entertainment. It can be quite disconcerting - yet also fun - to see posts on "English in Early Modern Britain" and "The Next Great President of the United States" in the same blog that features a Paris Hilton fan's letter and the article, "Student Masturbation Is Not Allowed in Dorm Showers." You'll never know what he might write about next and that will keep you visiting to find out.

My only suggestion for Desi or Sunny is to try to lighten up his "serious" posts a little. They will be just as informative and educational even if a tad shorter and less academic. Perhaps he should rewrite his college papers for the internet instead of posting them as is. Many blog readers do not want to read very long posts.

That's also my cue to keep this post at a manageable length.

Do visit Desi Baba and get entertained while getting more informed on many subjects, including making money online as you work at home.


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