Monday, June 30, 2008

Work at Home Mom: Sell Ebooks at Lulu

Yes you can sell your ebooks online at no cost to you. This service is available at All you need to do is save your manuscript as a PDF file and upload it after having registered for free at the site. You determine the selling price of your ebook, with Lulu getting a small percentage from each sale. Once your share of sales has reached a minimum of $5, they send it to your PayPal account.

Writers and artists are selling all sorts of ebooks at Lulu. There are novels, anthologies and even single short stories. There are biographies and how-to books, as well as cookbooks. There are graphic novels and collections of photographs or paintings.

If you don't have your own ebook material right now, you can always buy one that comes with full resale rights. An example is My Google Money. For only $9 you own the right to resell the ebook at any price and keep all sales as pure profit.

Some of my romance novels in Filipino are for sale as ebooks at Lulu. Do check them out! :-D

Let me know when your ebooks are up, too. Good luck!


iPhone 3G said...

Really interesting, thanks!

nobe said...

Dear Maia,

It's amazing, a lot of people are already a part of this "u comment i follow" movement. I'm sure glad I am!


Ii have two blogs following the movement. Yipee! :)

love letters to my infant son -
my favorite internet things -

bitpazar said...

good post

stylegirl73 said...

That's so wonderful!
We love to write. But for now we'll stick with selling. We were proud when Gwyneth Paltrow wore our Crush on Obama buttons in Harper's Bazaar and to show our ASIAN PRIDE T-shirts in our Stylegirl73 shop at

Keep up the great work!

newmom said...

Great to see other people part of this movement too. I love this blog, more mature mom's blogs :)

Rodney Garcia said...

Hi Maia,

I'm a budding book writer. I have a transcript of a book right now which I plan to rewrite and re-edit in a few days. I happen to check out and it does look promising.

However, is this site open for us Filipino authors? Have you sold anything there? I'm still a bit new on this whole self-publishing thing so I'd really like to ask for you help.

Kindly email me at if it is no bother.

Thanks and God bless!

Ptr. Rodney Garcia

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