Friday, October 09, 2009

Typhoon Pepeng Still Ravaging Northern Philippines; Aid Still Needed

As if Typhoon Ondoy’s devastation was not enough, Typhoon Pepeng followed close on its heels and proceeded to ravage the northern part of the Philippines left untouched by Ondoy.

In a seemingly surreal development, Typhoon Pepeng went to the end of the archipelago then did a u-turn and returned. It is still in the northern provinces, moving slowly and wreaking more havoc along the way. Many areas are underwater, with houses submerged to their roofs. Several dams have had to release water, adding to the floods. Evacuees are crowded into emergency relocation sites.

The Philippines is still reeling and is being hit again and again while the people are already down and defenseless. People are without food, shelter, clothing and medicines, with their means of livelihood taken away from them, as well. We appeal for help from our neighbors. Even the smallest contribution makes a difference. Thank you very much.


Mary said...

Thats so sad and I hope and wish all people in philippine health and success.

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