Thursday, November 29, 2007

Work at Home Mom: History Repeating Itself?

Media people being taken into custody illegitimately. Curfew being imposed. Our children are getting a taste of what we have gone through during the dark Marcos years. But wait...this has been happening long before today. How many have already been missing or killed? Events are chilling and I fear for all of us.


Annamanila said...

The administration seems to be afflicted with attacks of paranoia. And this is, yes, reminiscent of the Marcos years. But I read in the newspapers that GMA has cautioned her people (including the military I suppose) to take it cool and easy. not to be too emotinal nor defensive, and just answer with straight "facts." Well, sana medyo natauhan sila.

Nice to see you're bloggina again. miss na kita. :)

MJ said...

I was sufficiently provoked to emerge from my very intense soap-writing workshop :D

I do hope we do not allow a repeat of the past and have learned from it.

So nice to see you here. I miss my bloghopping, too, including your blog. I hope to be able to visit again one of these days. Thanks so much for dropping by!!!

MrsPartyGirl said...

it seems some people are trying to go that route again hoping that they could get away with it. i sure hope that the pinoy people wont take this sitting down. nakakahiya if we let martial law happen again, ibig sabihin we learned zilch from our own history! *cringe*

its been a while since my last bloghop! :) how are you? so you're into soap-writing now, hmmm, just what our country needs... more drama! hehehe! jk! :D good luck :D

Javier said...

We experienced similar situations long time ago in our country (Dominican Rep.). Our society has evolved to an almost truly democracy now. I really hope yours could do it too very soon. takeoffzone

bbr said...

hi, just dropping by to say


to you and your loved ones!

kc cordero said...

ma'am maia,
maligayang pasko at manigong bagong taon sa buong pamilya! sana'y muling maging matagumpay ang 2008 para sa ating lahat. :)


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