Monday, October 01, 2007

Work at Home Mom: My Filipino Romance Novel Bukal Sa Dibdib Now Available Free Online

There was an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Saturday on Bukal Sa Dibdib. No, you won't be able to read the scanned version I have posted here. Sorry. I just couldn't resist putting it on. It's still a thrill after all these years of writing. Of course, I'm extra proud of this material because of its breastfeeding advocacy.

I'm even happier that I have been allowed to make Bukal Sa Dibdib available for free online. Please note that this has been commissioned by the Philippine Department of Health, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities. They have had the novel printed in pocketbook form and it is currently being distributed for free in Philippine communities. The latest I've heard is that a second printing is being done.


Oops, a reader - Princess - just tipped me off about how clicking on the scanned article actually enlarges it enough to be read. Thanks for that info, Princess. I really am so very tech-challenged.


Annamanila said...

I am reading the pieces on your latest feats. And I feel so happy for you. Proud too, if I can claim you a new friend. :)

I will read (is it downloadable?) your romance novel on breast feeding (what a bullseye of a title) soon and share it with the mom of my apo. :) Is there a paper and ink version available? I prefer that, I think.

Congrats again.

MJ said...

Thank you very much, Annamanila!

I put the novel in as a long post. I guess you can either copy and paste it into a word document or just save the page as a web page on your computer.

The pocketbook version is being distributed by the DOH for free in health centers. I'm just not sure if it has already reached all health centers.

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey there Manila Mom! Nostalgia Manila dropping by, great work! Would love to do a link exchange!

Please get back to me! I'd love to add you to my permanent Link List!

Looking forward to hear back from you!


Grace said...

Hello. Agi lng ko dri.. musta

@}-- ruby --{@ said...

wow, i couldn't believe i really came to your site, at first i thought the owner of this blog mean by my novel is that she bought a copy... i am one of your pocketbooks avid reader. Though i have stopped reading tagalog novels when i started working, i wouldn't forget your name, coz i only have 4 or 5 authors i bought novels from. helen meriz, maia jose and martha cecilia are the names i can remember now. great work here in bukal sa dibdib, this is very timing... i'll be reading your free online copy... thanks!

MJ said...

Thank you very much, Ruby! I'm glad we found each other online. I always love meeting my readers, even just virtually. I'll be hopping over to your blog, too. :D

kc cordero said...

ma'am mj,
hello. nakikibisita lang po.


MJ said...

So nice to hear from you, KC. Even better to have discovered your blog. I'll be visiting there often, too :D

Princess said...

Congratulations. Cruising around blogosphere and stumbled upon you. I clicked on the scanned pic and was able to enlarge it on my screen. Good review, noble concern. Keep it up, Maia.

MJ said...

Wow, I didn't realize that the scanned article is actually enlarged when clicked on. Thanks so much for that heads up, Princess. I'm glad to have found your blog, too, and will be visiting :D

Matthew Anton said...

I just found out about this from your other blog post, and now I'll get a chance to read it. Thanks and wish you continuing success

gil & cecile said...

Musta you, B and C1, C2 and C3? Hope everybody is well at home. Cecile and I are fine and enjoying the long weekend... alam mo na, ligpit ligpit... ayos-ayos ng gamit sa bahay.

Congratulations on your new book!

God bless,
Gil and Cecile

gil & cecile said...

Hi Tessa! How are you and B and C1, C2 and C3? Hope everyone is fine at home. Cecile and I are just at home for the long weekend... alam mo na,
ligpit-ligpit, ayos-ayos, punas-punas. hehehe.

Last year, a student of mine also did a thesis of breastfeeding. She did a lot of research, down to the barangay health centers.

Congratulations on your new novel and we hope to read it soon.

Cheers from our Greenhome,
Gil and Cecile

MJ said...

Great to hear from you, Gil & Cecile! Do let us know the sked of your guesting at Mel & Jay. I'll be visiting your blog :D

Glenn Alvarez said...

Hey, I am an author children's fiction. Someday, I would like to venture into romance too. Maybe children's romance ;-)

Gibo said...

congratulations on your new feat. :)

Chris B. said...

Conrgatulations. It's so great to finally get recognition as a writer.

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